Another winter storm batters county, more on the way this Sunday?


Just about the time that most Switzerland County residents were dug out from last week’s winter storm, another wave of heavy snow and wind ripped through the county on Sunday night and all day on Monday, bringing the county to a halt.

Both town, county and state trucks worked nearly around the clock in an effort to keep streets and roads here in Switzerland County cleared, but with nearly 10-inches of snow falling on the county on Monday, cleared streets and roads were soon covered again.

Adding to the dilemma was that tall piles of snow from last week’s storm were still dotted around the county, so there was little room to push the new snowfall off of the roadways.

In Vevay, town workers used front loaders and dump trucks to collect snow that had been pushed off of the streets, moving it out of town so that more snow could be moved.

The county was officially placed under a “Level 2” emergency status as the storm began to grow. A “Level 2” status means that citizens should only be on the roads for essential purposes, such as getting to and from work and emergency situations.

Some counties around Switzerland County moved their status to a “Level 3”, meaning that only people in emergency situations and emergency vehicles should be on the roadway – but Switzerland County was never forced to move up to that level.

Even so, much of the county was closed down on Monday as the winds picked up and began to form snow drifts on roadways. Because Monday was Presidents Day, government offices, postal service, and banks were closed; so the winter weather did not have a severe impact on those services.

The Switzerland County Courthouse was closed on Monday and Tuesday of this week; as was the Switzerland County Public Library.

After missing three days of school last week and going to school on Friday after a two-hour delay, Switzerland County Schools have been forced to close for at least the first three days of this week; with hopes of going today (Thursday) or tomorrow (Friday) pinned to road conditions.

Switzerland County athletic director David Todd has also been working overtime, as the local high school has been trying to host the IHSAA Girls Basketball Sectional Tournament.

The opening round game that was supposed to be played last Tuesday night wasn’t played until Thursday; while Wednesday’s games were pushed back until Friday. That meant that the semifinal games were moved from Friday to Saturday; with the championship game set for this past Monday.

Enter the storm.

The championship game, featuring South Ripley and Hauser, was postponed Monday night and again Tuesday night; but Athletic Director Todd was confident that the tournament title game would be played last night (Wednesday).

Last night (Wednesday) was also when the Switzerland County boys varsity basketball team was to travel to Lawrenceburg for a game that was postponed from last Thursday, February 11th. David Todd said that game was pending Lawrenceburg being in school on Wednesday, and if it wasn’t, he believed that the game would not be rescheduled.

Tomorrow (Friday) night the Pacers are scheduled to travel to Jac-Cen-Del for a conference showdown; and will then make the trek to Oldenburg Academy on Saturday night for a make up game from February 6th.

The Pacers will then come home this Tuesday, February 23rd, to play South Ripley in a conference game that was snowed out on February 5th. Also on Tuesday, the Switzerland County softball and baseball teams will hold their soup and sandwich fundraiser, which was also set for February 5th but was canceled due to the weather.


All of this winter weather means that the county has seen just over 20-inches of snow just during the month of February. The National Weather Service says that the county is less than two-inches away from having the amount of snowfall that the county has on average during an entire winter.

And more could be coming.

The National Weather Service was predicting a 30-percent chance of snow flurries today (Thursday); with some sunshine predicted for tomorrow (Friday).

More snow is expected to come into the area on Saturday; with more hitting the county on Monday, as well. Forecasters are not predicting how much more snow the county could get from those two storms, but even an inch will be more than the county wants to deal with as everyone awaits this snow to melt away.

Further out, more snow is predicted for late next week, as well.