Animal attacks


To the Editor:

I just wanted to make people aware of some animal attacks in the county. Last week we had first one cat, then two full size goats, and then our llama, Bradford, get attacked and killed at our farm. Both of the goats and the llama were well inside their pens and fences, and were attacked inside the fencing. After being attacked, they were not consumed, but whatever killed them made a diligent effort to try to force their bodies through the fencing to possibly drag them away.

The hair was even pulled out of the llama, trying to force it through the fencing. There were some footprints and saliva, but the prints were smeared in the mud. However, after calling some “expert” hunting friends and relatives, we were told that most likely coyotes had killed all of these and had been trying to drag them back to their den for food for their babies.

It has truly upset and outraged us that we have lost so many great, valuable animals in our petting zoo. Bradford, the llama, was one of the true favorites of everyone who visited here. They will all be sadly missed and it has really hurt our children. I want to let people know about these type of attacks to try to prevent this from happening at their farm or residence.

We have been leaving our radio playing in the barnyard at night, which has seemed to help keep away the attackers, but we constantly worry and check on the animals every little bit. Also, I had even called the conservation officer at home, and to date, he has not so much as even returned my call.

Kevin and Shannon Vinson

Coyote Creek Farm