Allensville News 4-23-15


Randy Cole, Stuart Wales, Benjamin and Samuel came from London, England the 7th to visit Marcella Cole and family. They had spent the week before visiting relatives and friends in Sacramento, California. Those who called on Marcella and visited with them were: Emerson and Mary Lynn Cole of Seneca, Illinois here for three days. Others who came were Thomas and Missy Cole, Bryce and Kaleb of Greendale, Steve Cole of Vevay, Carla Stillwell of Madison, Matt and Victoria Werner, Paige Preslee and baby Paxton of Rising Sun, and Kathy Smith of Center Square.

Kathy and Mark Smith entertained with a dinner Saturday. Suzanne Kinman was there and others who attended were Sarah Oeffinger, Ariel, Keirstan, Terra and baby Leilah, Marcella Cole, Josh Kinman and friend Celine, Randy Cole, Stuart Wales, Benjamin and Samuel, and Thomas Cole. They were celebrating Josh’s birthday which was the 17th.

Cris Miller’s birthday was April 11th. Marcella Cole, her grandma and Randy Cole, Stuart Wales, Benjamin and Samuel celebrated her birthday with her at Ponderosa in Madison. They enjoyed dinner together.

On Saturday they talked to Linda Jones at the Vevay Cemetery.

While here Randy Cole, Stuart Wales, Benjamin and Samuel and Marcella Cole enjoyed dinner at Cracker Barrel in Florence, Kentucky and breakfast at Frisch’s in Madison one day. They were all, including Emerson and Mary Lynn Cole, going to Fairview Church Sunday morning but Marcella Cole was ill so they didn’t go. Mary L. and Junior left for home Sunday morning.

On the 12th Randy, Stuart, and Benjamin and Samuel enjoyed Sunday dinner with a friend Scott Simon and his friend in Osgood.

Randy, Stuart, Benjamin and Samuel left for home the 15th. Randy had an ear problem while here. The medicine didn’t help much. Randy called when they arrived home and also said they were very tired and the plane was hot. On the way here a nice lady played games with the boys which they enjoyed and of course we miss them all already.

Benjamin is 8 and in the 4th grade and Samuel is 5 and in preschool. He will be in the 1st grade next fall. Benjamin is in lots of sports.

Randy Cole recently flew to Vevey, Switzerland to speak before the Nestle Company about Global Animal Welfare, the company that he works for.

Fairview United Methodist Church had a big group of Amish people who visited the church Sunday morning and also several sang a beautiful song. Our minister, Reverend Sandy Marlin, also preached a good sermon.

– Marcella Cole