Allensville News 4-19-12


Randy Cole, Stuart Wales, Benjamin and Samuel of London, England came April 3rd to visit Randy’s parents, Emerson and Marcella Cole of new Fairview and to visit other family and friends. While here they and Emeson and Marcella enjoyed an Easter pitch-in dinner Saturday, the 7th, at the home of Mark and Kathy Smith of near Center Square. Other guests were Steve Cole of near Vevay, Carla Stillwell of Madison, Keith and Sarah Oeffinger, Ariel, Keirstan and Tera of Vevay, Linda Jones of Vevay, Jim and Cris Miller, Christian, Joey and Jadon of near East Enterprise and Suzi Kinman of near Indianapolis. Everyone wished Cris Miller a happy 40th birthday which was the 11th. She also had a beautiful birthday cake which was delicious. There was lots of visiting and pictures taken and the meal was very good.

On Sunday Emerson and Marcella went with Randy, Stuart, Benjamin and Samuel to Madison and enjoyed eating at Frisch’s.

One day Marcella went with them to Florence, Kentucky, and they ate at Cracker Barrel. They also visited Thomas Cole and Kaleb near Aurora the 9th. Missy was working and Bryce was in school so we missed seeing them. We got to see Thomas and Missy’s farm house which is pretty and has great views. Thomas and Kaleb went with them and they enjoyed lunch at Taco Bell in Aurora.

Randy, Stuart and boys also took Marcella and Emerson to Marcella’s doctor appointment in Madison one day where she had some outpatient surgery. She had three small surgeries over three weeks. Since then she received a phone call from her doctor saying she is free of cancer. She wishes to thank everyone, the doctors and nurses for their good care, and to her family, friends and all for their prayers. May God bless you all.

The evening of the 10th the following enjoyed supper w ith Emerson and Marcella, Randy, Stuart and boys, Linda Jones of Vevay, Steve Cole of near Vevay and Kathy Smith of near Center Square. Randy enjoys cooking so he helped Marcella with the meal. He cooked a few times while here also. It was delicious. Randy also mowed the yard. Among other things Marcella cooked a big ham and a large bowl of potato salad and a white cake before they came.

One afternoon Randy, Stuart and Benjamin and Samuel called on Matt and Victoria Werner and Paige and baby Preslie near Aurora. They got to see Preslie for the first time. Both girls are so pretty.

Randy also phoned his brother Emerson, Jr., and Mary Lynn and family in Illinois to wish them a Happy Easter and everyone sent Easter wishes to them.

Randy, Stuart, Benjamin and Samuel returned to the Louisville Airport the 11th and departed for San Francisco and to go to Sacramento to visit Paul and Sally Fritiche and Alice Ruzir and Emily and other family and friends. Randy called and said they arrived there safely but the flight was delayed.

We enjoyed their visit so much. The boys had grown a lot. Benjamin will be six August 10th and Samuel was two yeas old February 1st. We miss them already.