Allensville News 12-6-12


Randy Cole, Stuart Wales, Benjamin and Samuel arrived November 17th from London, England, to visit Emerson and Marcella Cole, family and friends. They flew into Indianapolis.

Thanksgiving Day Mark and Kathy Smith entertained with a Thanksgiving dinner. Those attending were Emerson and Marcella Cole of near Fairview, Sarah Oeffinger, Ariel, Keirstan and Terra of Vevay, Suzie Kinman of near Indianapolis, Randy Cole, Stuart Wales, Benjamin and Samuel, Linda Jones of Vevay and Jim, Cris, Christian, Joey and Jadon of Eat Enterprise. Steve Cole of near Vevay visited in the afternoon. Everyone brought food. There was lots of food including vegetables, turkey and all the trimmings and lots of deserts. Everything was simply delicious. Emerson Cole, Jr., phoned from Illinois and they all wishes all of us “Happy Thanksgiving.”

One day Marcella Cole went to Florence, Kentucky, with Randy, Stuart, Benjamin and Samuel and had lunch at Cracker Barrel and did some shopping. Then one day Emerson and Marcella Cole accompanied them to Madison and they all enjoyed breakfast at Frisch’s.

One afternoon Randy Cole, Stuart Wales, Benjamin and Samuel went to Jefferson-Craig School where Benjamin was a guest of his cousin Terra Oeffinger who is a student there. There was a program about Thanksgiving and Benjamin enjoyed hearing about Thanksgiving here and he told how they celebrated in England.

Little Samuel had a sinus infection while here and had to see a doctor in Madison and get medicine. He is recovering.

Randy, Stuart, Benjamin and Samuel returned home the 23rd after a nice visit and we already miss them.

Randy visited with a friend Monica Hensley at Jeff-Craig. They were clasmates at SCHS. He also talked to her mother.

Greg Curry of East Enterprise also visited Emerson and Marcella and Randy, Stuart and Benjamin and Samuel the morning of the 23rd.

Emerson Cole has bronchitis and Marcella took him to the doctor the 26th and 27th and he is taking medication. Also, Mark Smith is taking medication for a virus, after being checked out.

Emerson Cole is very ill with bronchitis at King’s Daughters’ Hospital. Keep him in your prayers.