Allensville News 1-10-13


Bob and Sharon Peelman had the following guests for Christmas Eve supper and gift-giving: Emilee Waldron of West Lafayette, Kelly Ann Peelman of Seymour, Donna Castner and sons Trevor and Devin of Versailles, and from locally, Greg Peelman and sons Evan and Eyan, Jeff Peelman, Amy Lay, Chelsea Lay, Justin Reagan, Richie Lay, Jr., and Karsen Cook. Nick Peelman could not make it, due to illness.

Bob Peelman, Archie Peelman and Jerry Peelman returned home on Sunday, December 29th, after spending four days at the home of their brother and wife, Terry and Sheryl Peelman, in Hernando, Florida. Terry and wife were very surprised to see them.

Nick Peelman visited with Bob and Sharon Peelman on New Year’s Eve afternoon.

Evan and Eyan Peelman spent Saturday overnight with their grandma, Sharon Peelman.