Alice Craig shares her faith as a Christian author


Alice Craig remembers going to Christian book stores in an effort to find a children’s book that would help them understand about death and what happens when a person passes away.

When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she said that she felt a calling.

“I felt led to write the book myself,” Alice Craig said. “I wanted to do it for my grandchildren, so I wrote my own book. I didn’t plan on getting into the business of writing books.”

Growing up near Grant’s Creek, Alice Evans graduated from Patriot High School in 1963. After she got married, she and her husband moved to Lawrenceburg, where they lived for 30 years until moving to Burlington, Kentucky, where she now lives.

Even though she lives in Kentucky – “Indiana is my home” Alice Craig says – and she still attends church at the First Baptist Church of Greendale. Her aunt, Pauline Richards, lives in Vevay, and she also has many other family members in the Rising Sun area.

Alice and her husband Carroll have been married for 43 years. Professionally, she is a flight attendant, but when she isn’t flying, she serves as head deaconess at her church; substitutes in the Children’s ministry; and volunteers in other areas as needed.

The book, titled “I Believe”, was actually written several years ago, and was based on the Bible passage, John 3:16. Not only did her grandchildren find information and comfort in the book, but others also read it and encouraged Alice Craig to contact a publisher about having the book printed.

So she did.

“I sent the book to a publisher to see if they would be interested, and they were,’ Alice Craig said. “It was exciting.”

“I Believe” came out in June of this year through Tate Publishing, and is available through Christian Book Stores, as well as Barnes and Noble and websites such as

The success of the first book inspired Alice Craig to write a second one, and “Lydia Counts Down to Sunday School” has now been printed and is awaiting distribution to bookstores.

“The second books was inspired because I have a granddaughter who loves to go to Sunday School,” Alice Craig said. “She has a wonderful Sunday School teacher who has taught for 50 years. I really wanted to inspire anyone who reads the book to take their children to Sunday School.”

Alice Craig said that her experience working with young people has shown her how important Christian education is at a young age.

“Working with the youth in our church, I see how good it is to take them to Sunday School because of the joy that they get,” she said. “When they’re smaller, they really absorb information like a sponge.”

Now the author of two books, Alice Craig has also made sure that she keeps on giving to young people – now through the proceeds of the sale of her books.

Alice said that as a child she attended the Southeastern Baptist Youth Camp near Westport, Indiana; and it was there as a nine-year old that she accepted Christ. The camp still holds a special place for her.

“I went back 50 years later as a cabin counselor, and the camp was just the same. I was beautiful,” Alice Craig says. “I wanted to help the camp and the kids, so I’m giving all of the proceeds of my books to the camp.”

Alice Craig said that one area of the camp that she would like to see is the construction of a swimming pool for the children, who now use a pond for swimming and water activities.

She has designated her book proceeds to a fund at the camp that will be used to build a pool, and she’s hoping that soon that pool will become a reality with her help and the help of others.

So what does the future hold for Alice Craig?

She hopes to retire soon from her job, with an eye toward spending more time with her grandchildren – and writing more books.

“It’s a wonderful thing,” she says of her writing. “I hope that others are inspired, just like I have been.”