Academic teams compete in Area Meet


The Switzerland County Academic Teams survived a stressful and frustrating evening in Batesville while attending the Purdue University Area Indiana Academic Super Bowl, on Tuesday, April 19th.

Although many schools attended, Switzerland County only competed with those in Class III.

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” No, Charles Dickens was not at the meet, but our teams faced challenges.

Our theme this year is Hoosier Heritage – a great theme – however, the competition organization, questions, and format from the IASP Student Competitions did not meet the usual high standards. The competition began at 5 p.m. everywhere in the state, but because of glaring technical difficulties and omissions with the PowerPoint randomly throughout the six competitions, our meet was not over until 9 p.m.

The English round was first, but our eager anticipation turned to dismay when the faulty issues began. No practice question, the first question would have to be the practice question, find the alternate questions – rules, procedural committee – make sure our whole meet is not disqualified by the state.

The approximately 20-minute round lasted almost an hour. The tone was set. If all competitions statewide had the same materials as ours, “it was the worst of times” at every meet.

Good news: the English team placed first despite the issues.

Fine arts placed second; while science, social studies, math, and interdisciplinary all brought home third place ribbons.

Our teams had the best-looking team shirts at the competition. Coach Donna Baker has designed our team shirts the past three years with each design surpassing the previous.

Michelle White and Donna Baker drove the mini-buses as well as proctoring and alternating with Emily Schroeder, Valerie Smith, and Barry Smith. Our students took turns flipping the score charts for the teams our school proctored.

Everyone smiled, gracefully accepted assignments, and coped with the delays. We are winners on many levels.

Those participating included:

– English Team: Makenzie Mathews, Captain; Hailey Dornbush, Coach Janet Hendricks.

– Science Team: Hunter Zorn, Captain; Hailey Dornbush, Alexandra Halstenberg, Emma Lockwood, Kalen Whitaker, Coaches Valerie Smith and Emily Schroeder.

– Fine Arts Team: Anna Lockwood, Captain; Brandon Bennett, Travis Griffis, Coach Donna Baker.

– Social Studies Team: Samuel White, Captain; Maxwell Anders, Coach Michelle White.

– Math Team: Hunter Zorn, Captain; Hailey Dornbush, Anna Lockwood, Coach Barry Smith.

– Interdisciplinary Team: Anna Lockwood, Captain; Hunter Zorn, Samuel White, Makenzie Mathews.

-Janet Hendricks