A Stones Throw 7-30-15


Hi. Shadow here.

I decided to write A Stones Throw this week because I thought everyone has had enough of Mike’s rants. I know I have. Besides, it has been a while since I have brought you up to date on my life.

To say it simply, my life is pretty good most of the time. Still, sometimes I get a bit confused – Mike calls it age – like when I overheard Mike and Jade talking about Mike going to see his brother last weekend. When I first heard them talking, I picked up a toy and headed for my truck. Mike thinks it is his truck, but it is really mine. I just let him drive.

Sometimes when I sit up in the truck and look out the window he calls me ‘Miss Daisy’. I have no idea what he means, but as long as he drives and I sit, I am not going to worry about it. Especially when I can put my head against the air conditioner. I like the cold air blowing on me.

Anyway, as I said, I headed to the truck.

When Mike asked where I was going; I said “I was going to visit your brother”. Mike said he was going on the weekend – not just then. After that, as I have heard people say, the other shoe fell. I was told I wasn’t going to see Mike’s brother on the weekend either. I had to stay home with Jade.

I have no idea why Jade did not get to go see Mike’s brother. Maybe it was because she had to stay home with me.

Who knows?

What I do know is that it has been hot the last couple of weeks. In fact, it has been so hot that I can only chase my feet-ball or my octopus a couple of times before I have to rest.

Mike tells me it’s my age – again.

I don’t know how he can talk. The minute I stop to rest a minute he goes back into the house to rest. He claims it is to work on something, but when I go back in I always find him sitting in his chair with the fan on. He likes the air blowing on his face. I think I got that from him.

I also think it is his age.

He does get up and go outside and throw again when I tell him I am ready. And then back to the air conditioner. Back to his chair.

Jade is different.

Last week Jade sat outside leaning against the fence. She claimed she was working by scraping paint of the fence so she could paint the fence. That makes no sense to me. Why would you take paint off so you could put paint back on?

Actually, I really don’t care. While she sat leaning against the fence, I could take my toy to her and she would throw it. When I got tired she didn’t get up and go back into the house like Mike does – she just scraped on the fence.

Jade would throw – I would fetch.

Jade would throw – I would fetch – and rest.

Jade would rest (she claimed she was scraping the fence, but it looked like resting to me). I would rest. Then, when I was ready to go again I would take my octopus to her and she would throw it for me.

We did that for two or three hours at a time. And it was hot. But, I didn’t want to be the first one to go in to the air conditioned house. I have to admit there were times I thought Mike had the best idea.

I also have to admit that Mike throws my toys farther than Jade. And, he doesn’t throw them over the fence.

Jade does.

She claims it is an accident when she throws my toy over the fence. I think it is just her way of saying she is still tired and wants to lean against the fence some more. I do have to admit I could be wrong. Each time she throws my toy over the fence she gets up, opens the gate, and walks out with me so I can get it. I think she would get more rest if she just kept throwing the toy inside the fence.

I also have to admit she is doing more than resting against the fence while I am resting. When I take my toy to her to throw, I keep stepping on some little black things.

Jade tells me I am stepping on paint chips.

I’m not sure if she is right. I have seen paint cans and when the top is off the paint is like heavy dirty water. I know I wouldn’t drink it. And I know it isn’t tiny and hard like those things Jade calls paint chips.

I tried to eat a couple of those paint chips.


Mike lets me eat his potato chips and they are really good.

Paint chips – not so much.

All I can say is that I can’t wait until Jade starts to paint the fence.

Just think of it: I will get to play fetch with Jade without having to go in and get her every time I am ready to play. I will get to see if a paint can really has chips in it. And, if it gets too hot, I can always go inside, get on the couch besides Mike’s chair, and enjoy the air conditioning.

Mike might even let me use his fan.

– Shadow