A Stones Throw 6-2-16


Hi. Shadow here.

Mike wanted to write this week’s column so he could thank everyone for their kind words about his and Jade’s 50th anniversary and about the return of ‘A Stones Throw’. Instead, I asked him to allow me to write one last column.

You see, I died this week.

I knew it was coming. Each day, for the past several months, my body seemed to lose strength. I reached the point where I could no longer fetch, I needed help getting into my truck, I had trouble eating and drinking. I had trouble trying to walk, sometimes even to stand. It became difficult to breathe

But, my mind stayed strong.

That is why I talked with Mike and asked him to start writing ‘A Stones Throw’ again. I always enjoyed working with him on his column. I felt ‘A Stones Throw’ was a part of each of us – of us both.

He told me he will keep writing in my honor.

I know he will.

I know he will write about his Cubs and his Colts. He will write whimsical stories. He will write (lecture – sometimes it is hard to tell the difference) about social, political, and current event issues.

He will write whatever crosses his mind. I will still help him.

I asked him to write about the German Shepherd who will replace me. (One of my last requests was for Mike and Jade to find a companion who will love and protect them as I did – and one they can love and protect as they did me.)

We talked as I was laying in the backyard, enjoying the sun and the breeze one last time. I knew my time was near – so did Mike and Jade.

As I lay there, a tear of sadness started to run down my face, I shut my eyes as a second tear fell. Then, what felt like raindrops hit my face and joined my tears. I opened my eyes to see the rain.

It wasn’t rain. Those drops of rain were tears of sadness from Jade and Mike.

Something magical happened.

Those tears of sadness became tears of joy as we all realized that even in death, this was a celebration of life. When our tears met I was reminded that we will always be a family together.

I am now in Heaven.

I have joined Thunder, Honey, Leah and Daisy. I have met Bodo, Bandit, Theta, Sheba, and Baron.

We are all together now – watching over Jade and Mike and their families.

Mike will probably write about us. When he does, we will all be gathered in Heaven reading ‘A Stones Throw’ and preparing for the time we will all be together again.

Meanwhile, I am at rest. My pain is gone. I brought my memories and one of my red “whombys” to heaven with me. I am ready for Mike and Jade when we are together again.

We will play fetch again.

We will play tug again.

I will lay at their side.

I will follow them as they walk the paths of Heaven.

I will be their Shadow again.

I am still their Shadow today!

I may be gone, but for Mike and Jade and for my loyal readers, I will always be just ‘A Stones Throw’ away.

With love to all.

– Shadow