A Stones Throw 12-25-14


I have to admit I am not what you would call technologically current. Yes, I can use big words now and then, but beyond that, I am basically lost.

I do not own a “smart” phone. Yet – my phone is still smarter than I am.

I do not own an “I pad,” an “I pod,” or any “I” device. Even if I did, I couldn’t use them. Not just because they too are smarter than I am, but because Shadow has decided he will no longer tolerate my staring at a screen while ignoring him.

If I pick up my laptop computer or sit in front of my desk computer Shadow “leaves the building.” It doesn’t make any difference whether the sun is shining, if it is raining, or if it is snowing – Shadow “leaves the building.”

So, as I sit down in front of my computer preparing to write this week’s ‘A Stones Throw’ while listening to Elvis Presley on my jukebox, “Shadow has left the building.” (This obviously dates me, but those who remember Elvis will understand.)

Now, as I sit here alone in front of my computer, I am again reminded how technology and social media have passed me by. Not only do I not own any of the new electronic devises that have been mastered by kids young and younger, but other than a minimal foray into the world of Facebook, I am lost when I hear talk of “Twitter,” “My Space,” “Friendster,” “Flickr,” “PhotoBucket,” or any other of the ever increasing number of sites that continue to fill the “social media” world.

While my ignorance of social media sites does not bother me, my ignorance of the new social media language does bother me.

Years ago I would get an email that ended with LOL. I always smiled because I thought LOL meant “Lots of Love.”

I found out I was wrong.

Actually, I think I am right – if you see LOL from me it still means “Lots of Love.”

Still, I decided I needed to learn the language of social media as seen from a teenager’s point of view.

What I learned is that there are hundreds, if not thousands of acronyms that teenagers use to send secret, and often urgent, messages to their friends. I recently saw a list of 28 acronyms On CNN (Cable News Network) that were listed as “every parent should know.” I thought I would share those 28 acronyms here.

Then, I decided with the Christmas and New Year’s holidays fast approaching, and since this is a family newspaper, I won’t share those acronyms. Instead, I would simply suggest every parent know the language of his/her teenager.

Some of it is simple information (PIR – Parent in room).

Some of it will be shocking.

Much of it will be revealing.

All of it will be important in continuing to build trust and understanding.

There is no question but that the social media of today and tomorrow has generated a new language known only to “those in the know.”

Since I am not one of “those in the know,” I think I will stay with WYCM (Will you call me) and the old fashioned LOL – my way.

With that in mind, as I finish this edition of ‘A Stones Throw’, Shadow joins with me in thanking all of our readers for putting up with our rants and our raves this past year. We want to take a moment to wish each and every one of you a safe and happy Christmas and holiday season, and wish you the best in health and safety throughout the coming year.

From our house to your house – LOL (Lots of love). . . Mike and Shadow

Postscript: As I leave my computer I will “Knock Three Times on the Window” (Thank you Trini Lopez) and Shadow will now “return to the building.”

Until next time – LOL