A look back: Ohio County and Rising Sun



November 10th, 1966

State Goes Democratic in Ohio County; Lois Williams leads county ticket; Meyer (prosecuting attorney seventh judicial circuit) and Keith (county assessor) win. The vote in Ohio County was unusually heavy in this general election. There were four ballots on which to cast vote and each ticket was well filled with candidates.

In two more years half a century will have passed since the guns of World War I were silenced on November 11th at 11 a.m. ending the titanic struggle which involved 20 nations. The signing of the Armistice, which stopped the unparalleled violence of a war that had brought fort every known method of warfare and developed new machines and tactics, was assumed a guarantee of peace for the world. Now, almost 50 years later, we find that the treaty of “the war to end war” was not the guarantee of perpetual peace as was thought. The silenced guns have not remained quiet. Conflict after conflict has arisen and, during the troubled times, the lives of both men and nations have been risked much in order to win much. As the battles rage on today in Viet Nam and as the casualty lists grow longer, affecting more and more American homes we may question the wisdom of our government’s policies. The voices of criticism ring out freely. We protest that maybe America should just mind her own business. What, then, is America’s “business”? With its humane and democratic traditions, perhaps America has the opportunity to serve as an example of democracy to the world. Helping to bring about understanding is possible by the way we run our society, with courage, decency, and patriotism. In the words of John Quincy Adams, America should be “the well-wisher of the freedom and independent of all”. For the sake of right we must continue to stand by the convictions of our forefathers, whose courage built this free nation – a nation where criticism is allowed and where aims can be advanced by freedom of thought and discussion of new ideas. Remembering the magic world “freedom” is the first step toward understanding why American servicemen must risk their lives today. And on Veterans Day, it is these brave men of the past and present whom we honor for their tremendous contribution to their country and fellowmen.

At Christian’s Market, 201 Main Street, Rising Sun: chuck roast, 49 cents per pound; smoked picnics, 45 cents per pound; School Day peas, 4 cans for 69 cents; Smuckers jelly, 10 oz. size, 5 for $1.00; American Beauty pork & beans, 6 for 69 cents; Breeze, 25 cents a box; Glacier club ½ gallon ice cream, 79 cents.

The Rising Sun Shiners lifted the lid off the 1966 basketball season with a successful burst of steam by downing the Bulldogs from Dillsboro by a 75-68 count. Kenny Cappel hauled in 18 rebounds and added 10 points; Billy McClure set a career high in the assist column as 15 of his “feeds” were converted to scores; Kenny Gregory added 31 points and had 12 rebounds.


November 9th, 1961

Kenneth Potter, a 1959 graduate of Rising Sun High School, has one of the leading roles in the opera “La Boheme” to be presented by Ball State Teacher’s College opera workshop, November 10th and 11th.


November 9th, 1906

Fallen apples in some parts of Switzerland County are selling for 10 and 12 cents per bushel.

James Smith, who rented Laughery Island this year, put in 10 acres of corn raising about 800 bushels. He also had other crops.