Compiled by Mavis Uhlmansiek Celebrating the history of Ohio County and Rising Sun



August 22nd, 1968

The Rising Sun-Ohio County Board of Education has elected the following officers for the 1968-69 school year: President, Marvin Kirkpatrick; secretary, Orson Potter; vice presidents, Charles Davis, Paul Leive, and Dale Siekman. Edward G. Gray will teach fifth and sixth grades and serve as Cass-Union principal during the 1968-69 school year.
A poster contest for boys and girls grades 1-12 will be sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce to advertise the late Summer Festival to be held September 5-7 in Rising Sun. The posters may be any size between 12 and 18 inches and 24×36. They may be any medium — crayon, paint, cutouts, etc. and may advertise any or all of the following events: carnival, rescue unit chicken barbecue, queen contest, arts and crafts display, art demonstrations or historical displays.
From Abbie Barricklow’s English Composition class during college years: The American people do not take time for proper recreation. This truth does not need a philosopher’s explanation. We have only to look about us well to discover at what a rapid rate we are living today. Every avenue of life seems lined with mile post which read something like this: “Hurry”, “Do not stop long”, “Make haste”, “It is late” and “Waste no time”. We do not take time to eat properly, sleep properly, think properly, or die properly, for we commit suicide instead of waiting for the inevitable hour to come of its own accord. The word “recreation” means recreate. When contact with the world has caused us to feel weary, depressed, and dissatisfied with ourselves and our accomplishments, and other people and their accomplishments, it is an indication that we need to recreate our life forces, for as someone has said, “Depression is the result of a flagging of the energy a sinking of the fires of life. It is seldom the result of outward conditions”. It would be wise then, at such a time, to seek that recreation that will really recreate the lost or failing powers.
Ad reads: Plymouth showroom countdown. The Plymouth of your choice with final clearance price on 1968 Fury III, 4-door sedan, V-8 engine is now $2995 at Stow Motor Company, 120 N. Walnut Street, Rising Sun.


August 22nd, 1963

Cadets Roger Huron, Donald Potter, James Potter, Charles Satchwill, Michael Turner and Stephen Licking have returned from a week’s Civil Air Patrol training at Bunker Hill Air Force Base. Captain Gerald Licking served as the boy’s group commander.


August 21st, 1958

The community was saddened when death claimed a Rising Sun High School Senior, Nelson VanTyle, 18, at Good Samaritan Hospital, Monday evening, August 18th after a 10-day illness.


August 19th, 1948

The Lions Club sponsored stock outboard motorboat races in the Ohio River opposite the Ferry Landing will be held Sunday afternoon.
The famous Whitlock ‘Hoosier Boy’, which was taken out of the river in 1930, will be on public display at the boat races.


August 19th, 1938

Homer Tucker will replace F. E. Conder as Superintendent of Rising Sun Schools this year.


August 23rd, 1918

George Walton, the boy who left Rising Sun High School to enlist in the Army the week he was to graduate and his chair was draped with an American flag, has been promoted as a sharpshooter and is now in France.
Word has been received by the parents of Oscar Jacobs who lived near Hartford that he has been wounded in action somewhere in France.
The family of Noah O’Banion has received an unofficial report that he was killed in action in France sometime in July. An investigation is being made.


August 19th, 1898

The old office and paint shop at Clore’s Plow Shop was torn down last week and new and larger paint shop is being erected in its place.