Compiled by Mavis Uhlmansiek Celebrating the history of Ohio County and Rising Sun


July 18, 2018

50 years ago

The new bridge and strip of new road on State Road 262 out of Rising Sun is being used by light traffic. The road closed signs have not been removed since the road is not officially opened. Some finishing work has to be done on the bridge and some extra work done on the creek bed. The old iron bridge (known as the Grace Bridge) which was put there in the late 1940s was torn out the first of the week and purchased by Ohio County from the contractor. The bridge was a double structure and pinned together. It was an old Army type bridge which when put there was to have been only temporary and has remained in use for 20 years. The sections will be used where they are needed in the county to replace worn bridges, Forrest DuVall, county highway superintendent stated Monday when the material was purchased for a nominal fee. It is the intention to use one of the sections across the creek at the Stout farm off State Road 262 where the bridge was taken away by heavy rains early this spring. The new three-span bridge is constructed so as to lean with the slight bend in the highway and is said to be the first of this kind in Indiana.
Verl C. Holder was appointed Justice of the Peace by Ohio County Commissioners to fill the 2 1/2 years unexpired term of Russell Uhlmansiek who resigned due to ill health. Mr. Holder was sworn into office Monday, July 15 by County Clerk Sarah Dugle. The appointment was sent to the Governor for certification. The new JP, who lives at 221 South Poplar Street, will hold court in a remodeled garage at his residence.
Community leaders at Bear Branch in Ohio County Thursday threw the switch that turned on 24 1500 watt bulbs and lit up a newly constructed ball field for the first time in the village’s history. Several electricians say the diamond is the finest in the area. The right field fence is 300 feet away and there is no way to knock a ball over the left and center field fences as they are so far away. The project was constructed by local residents and employees of “Operation Mainstream,” an anti-poverty program conducted by Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation, Aurora, which sponsors such programs in Dearborn, Ohio, Switzerland, and Ripley counties. Several of the community’s elderly persons have been employed at the project. Workers not only constructed the diamond, but they surrounded it with a high fence and erected bleachers that will seat nearly 300 persons. The former elementary school building was painted. Basketball goals, swings, horseshoe courts, and an outdoor grill were built. The women have volunteered to operate the concession stand in the former school each night the diamond is used and that appears to be about every night, according to present plans. An eight-team softball league will begin playing two games most every night to catch up on a delayed schedule. Dillsboro Baptist and Cross Plains used the new diamond for the first time last Monday, while Friendship and Bear Branch were the first to play under the lights. Other teams are East Enterprise, A & W Milling, Farmers Retreat, Newberry, and Schoenling All-Stars in Fairview.
Four girls represented Ohio County 4-H District Demonstration Contest Monday, July 8. Debbie Siekman was the district winner with her demonstration on Baking Bread. Nancy Driver took part with measuring for patterns; Sharon Hammond, salad plate; and Shelley Reese, butterfly cake.

July 17, 1958

60 years ago

Noah O’Banion Post’s Ninth District Championship color guard and firing squad marched in the American Legion state convention parade at Evansville Saturday, and will attend the National Convention at Chicago September 1-4.
Rising Sun’s Rotary Club, founded August 25, 1933, celebrated its 25th anniversary at a largely attended gathering in the United Church of Christ annex, Monday night.

July 15, 1948

70 years ago

Mr. and Mrs. Billie Bob Dilts and daughter Kathy have moved into their new home on South High Street and Maiden Lane.
Billy Bob Fisk of the Aurora Road has purchased Gridley’s Market on North High Street from Blanton Gridley.

July 13, 1938

80years ago

The Rising Sun Rotary Club held its first meeting this week under the direction of the following new officers: President, Roy Gibson; Vice President, Dr. Charles Manley; Secretary, P. J. Maurer; Treasurer, Adolph Siekman; Sgt. at Arms, Clarence Woods.

July 13, 1928

90 years ago

Russell Dowers race boat “Pal” was winner of the free-for-all at the National boat meet held at St. Louis, Missouri, last week.
The Ohio River claimed the lives of two Rising Sun boys shortly after noon yesterday. Walter Hess, 14, and Robert Hannah, 10, were drowned near the ferry landing.

July 10, 1918

100 years ago

Ernest Scranton has opened a variety store in the Odd Fellows building on lower Main Street.
Eathan A. Anderson, the clothier is driving a new Studebaker.

July 18, 1908

110 years ago

The Big Store gave its employees and a number of friends a delightful outing on the Mildred Thursday evening. A fine supper was served at Split Rock.
The annual memorial services of Weleetka Tribe, No. 420, Improved Order of Red Men, will be held Sunday afternoon. Members will meet at the Wigwam on Main Street and march to the cemetery led by a band. Col. R. S. Thompson will deliver the address.