A look back: Ohio County and Rising Sun 6-29-17



June 29th, 1967

Tuesday, July 4th, the Lions Club will have activities at the ball park starting at 11 am. During the day these ballgames will be starting: peewee in the morning, little league in the afternoon, and pony league in the evening. At 8:30 p.m. the Rising Sun Junior Band will play. A drawing of prizes presented by the local merchants will be held. The Lions Club will give away an automatic shotgun to the lucky ticket holder. At dark they will end the day with a spectacular fireworks display.

Duke is just too gentle to be a military watchdog. Not too gentle for a dog but too gentle for one of these wiry bunches of teeth and temper that the various United States military post train to keep the peace in their most sacred precincts. So Duke was presented by the United States Army Nike Station last Friday to the City of Rising Sun. You see the Army doesn’t care how many small pieces are left of anyone who would seek to enter the Dillsboro Nike Compounds with their top secret machinery. On the other hand, Rising Sun and most other civilian governmental units, like to have enough defendant left to try and send to jail for breaking in where he has no business. The Dillsboro Nike Plant is situated in two separate areas, one substantially for control of guided missiles and the other for automatically controlled caverns where the missiles themselves bristle against invading airpower and enemies in the air. One hundred and fifty men sleep, eat, stand formations, and carry out their duties at both points. The Nike sites are equipped with four big, mean, muscle and teeth German Shepherds. Rising Sun Police Chief Harold Bondurant and Duke departed from the missile storage area and arrived in Rising Sun.

The Shillito’s Young Junior Fashion Board held its annual Hi-By picnic at Sharon Woods, June 14th. Miss Nancy Wright was chosen as chairman of the Western Woods Board.

Seven Ohio County 4-Hers attended the Indiana 4-H Roundup June 13th-15th held at Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana. Roundup is a recognition trip made up of delegates chosen for their outstanding 4-H activities. Those chosen included: Ronnie Elliott, Dennis Bushman, Shirley Cutter, Sharon Cutter, Karen Brown, Roberta Green, and Verlene Truitt.

Miss Donna Sommer graduated from Bethesda Hospital School of Nursing on June 25th. She plans to continue working at Bethesda.

Scribblings by Dorotha Stegemiller: Historians concur the actual signing of the Declaration of Independence took place on/or after August 2nd, 1776. Even so the traditional date for observing our country’s birthday will always be July 4th, the day the Declaration was adopted by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. By signing the document, which is an expression of an ideal, many of the 56, who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor, where subject to disgrace, prison, ruin, heartbreak, lonely graves, and even murder. Yet whatever their fates, the signers were proud of the Declaration. John Morton of Pennsylvania, the first to die, wrote that friends who made him an outcast would one day remember the signing was “the most glorious service that I ever rendered to my country”. Thomas Jefferson, whose debts rose to 100,000 before he died exactly 50 years to the day of the signing, wrote that the Declaration “was intended to be an expression of the American mind”. By his own will, his tomb at Monticello carries first the title, “Author of the Declaration of American Independence”.

Glenn Canyon, musician, composer, and recording star, and his band will appear at The Blue Jeans Festival on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. The young entertainer proved very popular with audiences at last year’s festival.