Compiled by Mavis Uhlmansiek Celebrating the history of Ohio County and Rising Sun



June 27th, 1968

Mrs. Doris Slack, RN, Director in charge of the Home Health visits of the Ohio County Health Department received a plaque from Ronald H. McCloud, District Manager, Social Security Office, Madison. The Ohio County Health Department is certified as a participating home health agency for the Medicare Program under the Social Security Act.
Scribblings by Dorotha Stegemiller: After existing only three short years, the Blue Jeans Festival has been folded up and tucked away. Why? The reason announced was too many conflicting interests with the Vevay Wine Festival. However, the general opinion was that the so-called “conflicting interests” are right here in Rising Sun. Our town is fast becoming a place for nothing — except perhaps funerals or quiet weddings. When it comes to something that might be termed entertainment or might prove beneficial to the community, the controversy and opposition arises. How can anything progress under these circumstances? The Blue Jeans Festival was begun as an annual event to be held the first week in July. If plans had been made accordingly for this original date, there would have been no competing with the long announced celebration of our down-river neighbors. And, plans for such affairs, even on a small scale, do have to be made well in advance. Many people, children especially looked forward to the summer festivity. And folks were beginning to associate Blue jeans Festival with Rising Sun-Ohio County. Just recently, as corresponding secretary for the Chamber of Commerce, I answered an inquiry from Geneva, Illinois, requesting information as to what the fete included. Although plans for the 1968 festival have been canceled, we are told that next year the custom will be continued. Therefore, let’s make certain the Blue Jeans Festival is not buried with memories of other enjoyable things of the past — things that have not endured simply because they took a little time and effort to promote.
Miss Ann Whitlock has been awarded a fellowship in the program Multiple Arts for Music Specialists, at the School of Music, Indiana University. It is for the academic year 1968-69 and for the summer program in 1969.
Births: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Probst June 22nd weighing seven pounds four ounces and has been named Richard William.
Members of the Rising Sun Boys Club in 1916 were: Owen Douglas, Sheldon Fisher, Robert McConnell, Sylvester Fisher, Reginald Fisher, Steven Douglas, Harold Richmond, Frank Billingsley, Ralph Mapes, Myron Barbour, Rev. Tom Campbell (Presbyterian minister and club sponsor), Frank Newman, Floyd Stegemiller, Grant Turner, Frank Barbour, and Aldred DeHart.
Among the 4-H members going to 50th annual 4-H Roundup at Purdue University are: Beverly Mason, Jenny Speier, Bob Sommer, Mike Tandy, Jessica Lanvermeyer, Kathy Block, Elaine Harman, Anne Renner, Cathy Fondong, Jim Bloom, Larry Heffelmire, Lois Cook, Theresa Schilling, Mary Lou Kirkpatrick, Tony Billingsley, Charles Grubbs, Barbara Schaich, Steve Love, Gary Gellert, Ron Andres, Janet Meier.


June 27th, 1963

Postmaster P. R. Wadsworth has announced that the Zip Code, the Post Office Department’s revolutionary new system of improved mail dispatch goes into effect July 1st.
Plans are being completed for the establishment of a Vocational School which could serve the youth and adults of six Southeastern Indiana Counties. J. O. Smith, Superintendent of Rising Sun and Ohio County Schools is secretary of the committee.


June 26th, 1958

Chief Black Buffalo Cody, a resident of Ohio County for more than 25 years suffered a stroke Tuesday afternoon and was taken to Milan Hospital. Chief Cody is said to be 112 years old.


June 24th, 1948

Max E. Scalf, World War II Veteran of the Marine Corps, was elected Commander of the Noah O’Banion Post American Legion at the Post meeting, Tuesday night.
First Lieutenant Jesse C. Jones, Jr., B-29 Super Fortress bomber pilot of the Army Air Forces is now definitely listed by the Department of the Army to have been killed in action near Kokubungi, Japan, January 9th, 1945.


June 24th, 1938

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jones, proprietors of the Hotel Jones, have made many improvements on the building so that today Rising Sun boasts a splendid hotel.
Billy Fletcher, 89, of Patriot, has been a member of the Rising Sun Masonic Lodge for the past 66 years. He is said to be the oldest person in Masonry in Southern Indiana.