A look back: Ohio County and Rising Sun 6-1-17



June 1st, 1967

The Memorial holidays saw little boating on the Ohio River this year. In fact, an estimated 1,000 small boats faced possible destruction unless they were removed or placed on cradles, due to the river falling 16 feet below the normal stage. The crisis developed at Markland May 16th when a string of 14 barges snapped its moorings and was swept down onto the dam. Six sank under or against four of the huge dam’s 12 water control gates, preventing them from closing. Locking operations were halted May 9th because of only 7.9 feet of water in the locks. Most big tows require 10 feet or more. With commercial cargo traffic at a standstill, tow boats stacked up in waiting lines. The receding waters brought sight seers to the scene. For the first time since the Markland pool was created in 1962 portions of the river bed were exposed. The water level had not been so low since February 9th, 1961 when a reading of 10.2 feet was recorded. Severe damage along Indiana 156 between Rising Sun and Patriot resulted from the falling waters. The east bound lane of the highway was closed three miles below its junction with Indiana 56. Repairs are being made to cracks in the road surface which extend for more than 500 feet at one place. The crisis also forced the Indiana and Michigan Electric Company to shut down its two biggest units at the Lawrenceburg Tanner’s Creek Generating Station, cutting the plant’s output from 1,100,000 to 300,000 kilowatts. The reduction was made up by boosting output at other plants. Engineers applied dynamite to break loose the sunken crafts. By the holiday all but one barge had been removed. Salvage crews had it dislodged, permitting normal operations at Markland Dam early Wednesday morning.

Edwin E. Swinford, Jr. was graduated from Ball State University in Muncie. He received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Education and American History. He will teach commercial subjects in Moores Hill High School and will be the Junior High basketball coach starting next September.

The Junior Girl Scout Troop #1261, with leaders Mrs. Albert Schroeder and Mrs. Ralph Hautman, had a Fly-Up ceremony at the home of Mrs. Schroeder May 27th. Brownie Girl Scouts from Mrs. Robert Wadsworth’s Troop #978 accepted into the Junior Girl Scouts were Beverly Thomas, Diane Copeland, Conda Murray, Sue Siekman and Cindy Smith.

Mrs. Mae Elliott was presented with a 50-year pin at the regular monthly meeting of the Daughters of American Fraternal Order May 23rd.

Now showing at the Starlite Drive-in Theater between Aurora and Dillsboro is “Easy Come Easy Go” with Elvis Presley and Dodie Marshall.

Election of Officers was held at Hartford Sunday School Sunday morning. Jessie Cofield will be the superintendent with Laurence Elliott as assistant. Ronnie Elliott will be the new Secretary and Ida Trester will be the assistant.