A look back: Ohio County and Rising Sun 5-11-17



May 18th, 1967

The last full day of school for Rising Sun-Ohio County students will be Wednesday, May 24th. On Thursday, May 25th, Rising Sun elementary students will be dismissed at 10:25 a.m., Rising Sun High School students at 10:30 a.m. and Cass-Union students upon the arrival of the buses. Teachers will grade examination papers and record grades Thursday afternoon and Friday morning and grade cards will be distributed at 2 p.m. Friday afternoon. Bus drivers will transport students to school by 2 p.m. and return them shortly thereafter.

Fifty-six seniors will be graduated from Rising Sun High School on Sunday, May 21st, 1967, at 2 p.m. The 93rd annual commencement will be held in the high school gym. Dr. Wesley N. Hines, commencement speaker, is the 11th President of Franklin College in Franklin, Indiana, and assumed his duties there on November 30th, 1964.

The Baccalaureate services of the Rising Sun High School for 56 graduates held Sunday evening was well attended with floor seating capacity filled and many seated on the bleachers. The sermon was given by Rev. Charles Noss of the Baptist church; scripture read by Rev. Floyd Haislup of Methodist Church; and prayers were offered by Mr. Cecil Styons, Sr. of Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ and Mr. Harold Ingalsbe of Rising Sun Church of Christ.

Ray Kern, sales manager and pilot for the Aurora Casket Company, died at the controls of a company plane Tuesday, fighting to keep the Cessna Skynighter twin-engine passenger plane in the air for the last half mile into its landing strip. Five Pittsburgh area men also were killed in the air crash which occurred at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday into a heavily wooded hillside in Washington Township.

Guest speaker for the Rising Sun Senior Woman’s Club was Mrs. Walker Johnson of Tomary Farm. Mrs. Johnson’s subject was “The Speakman Home”, which was built by Steven S. Speakman in 1846 and has been the home of Millers, Kittles, Tallentires, and now the Johnsons. She spoke of its unique construction, the numerous fireplaces, the unusual staircase, the boy figure on the front of the house, and the historical significance of the location.

The graduating class of Rising Sun High School in 1907 included, Earl Driver, James Harris, Loring Hartford, Charles Voris, Shelby Cowen, Carl Turner, Lelah Richmond Dickey, Mary Hunter, Harriet Tomy Wright, Emma Neal Keith, Dorothy Humphrey Hemphill, Edna Neaman Hoffmeier, Fred Eggleston, Ross Daly, and Albert Schroeder.

American Legion Post #59 has arranged to install a new flag pole and flag at each of the three cemeteries in Rising Sun before Memorial Day, to honor deceased veterans buried there.

The annual athletic banquet was held in the Rising Sun High School gym Monday, May 15th at 6:30 p.m. the All-Sports Award trophy went to Billy McClure. The Scholastic award trophy was presented to Roger Beard who had a B plus average. Kenny Cappel won the award for the leading rebounder with 209 total. Kenny Gregory was presented the free-throw trophy. Most Valuable Player trophy was given to Kenny Gregory. Captain stars were presented to Billy McClure and Kenny Gregory. In Baseball Roger Webb received the leading hitter award with a 440 percent. Captain’s medals were given to Kenny Gregory and Billy McClure. Chuck Hautman won the leading scorer trophy in Track with 101¾ points. Captains were given to Chuck Hautman, Tony Thomas, and Billy McClure. In Cross Country the Most Valuable Player award was presented to Tony Thomas with captain’s medal going to Roger Beard. All-conference awards went to Kenny Gregory (basketball), Roger Webb, Billy McClure, Kenny Gregory and Gary Caplinger (baseball), Billy McClure, Roger Webb, Kenny Gregory, and Tony Thomas (track), and Tony Thomas received all-conference for Cross Country.