Compiled by Mavis Uhlmansiek Celebrating the history of Ohio County and Rising Sun



May 16th, 1968

  Joe Carol Rice, prominent Indiana Educator and native son of Ohio County, will deliver the address at the 94th annual commencement for the Rising Sun-Ohio County Community Schools. The graduation program will be at 2 p.m. on May 19th in the Rising Sun High School gymnasium.

  William H. Clifton, Jr., Freshman Basketball and Cross Country coach for the past six years has been named varsity basketball coach for the 1968-69 school year. Mr. Clifton was graduated from Rising Sun High School in 1957 and Franklin College in 1961. He was active in high school athletics and played four years of varsity basketball at Franklin.

  On Monday, May 13th the Rising Sun City Council passed an Ordinance which raised the water rate to $2 per month. The Ordinance cannot become effective until the Indiana Public Service Commission approves the rate increase. The water rates will raise for the first time in 47 years.

  Scribblings by Dorotha Stegemiller: For a few weeks a great mystery existed! Actually, Verl Holder started the whole thing one day when he called and asked, “Did you know that years ago (40), Rising Sun had a different high school song from the one sung today?” “Now, really Verl, I might be getting old and decrepit but I haven’t even reached school age way back then!” Anyway, the nice man, who was only trying to be helpful, informed me that Mary (Anderson) Whitlock wrote the words which were set to the tune of “My Little Sunshine”, a popular song of that time. Mrs. Whitlock said she couldn’t remember all the words and wasn’t too sure about the title of the tune. However, after many inquires, Oliver Fletcher solved the perplexing matter. In a copy of the 1928 Sol Oriens yearbook was the song written to the tune of “My Little Sunshine”. So kids we’ve dug up a song from the past for you, and it goes like this:

RS High School grand

For thee we stand

And work with all our might;

We’ll be brave and true in whate’er we do

And keep our colors bright.

We can’t go wrong with effort strong

To keep our High School rules,

So with voices clear we can loudly cheer

Our dear RS High School.

Chorus: RS High School

RS High School

Of thee we love to sing:

RS High School

RS High School

In praise your name shall ring.

You are true blue

And we love you,

And we need you all the while;

We greet you gladly,

We leave you sadly,

But we leave you with a smile.

Second verse:

Our teachers kind

We always find,

To help us with a start;

We help them, too,

In whate’er we do,

If ready with our part,

Our aim is high,

Our motto “try”,

We’ll go through RS High.

And students great

We know we’ll make

In the sweet old bye and bye.


  Births — a girl to Mr. and Mrs. John Richards, May 4th; girl to Mr. and Mrs. James Scott, May 5th.


May 8th, 1963

  Rising Sun High School will graduate 43 in commencement ceremonies, May 3rd at the high school auditorium.

  Seventy-nine Rising Sun High School band members and 12 adults traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, Thursday to participate in the Kentucky Derby parade.


May 15th, 1958

  The cornerstone of the new Dearborn County Hospital on Ludlow Hill near Lawrenceburg will be laid Saturday, May 17th.

  Gary Scudder is the newly elected president of the Senior Class at Franklin College for the year 1958-59.


May 8th, 1958

  Dr. Roy L. Gibson, Jr. is one of only four physicians in the United States to be awarded a scholarship grant by the Atomic Energy Commission for a one year study of atomic medicine.

  Forty seniors will be graduated from Rising Sun High School May 22nd.


May 13th, 1948

  A newly remodeled Kroger store will be opened in Rising Sun Tuesday, May 18th.

  Mr. and Mrs. Forister Grills have purchased Jenkins Market on Main Street. The new business will be known as Grills Grocery and Meat Market.


May 16th, 1918

  Saturday, May 17th, Rising Sun will offer at public auction, 50 city lots and seven or eight larger tracts of land constituting Liberty Court.

  County Food Administrator J. L. Wessler has issued food cards to all grocers and hucksters in Ohio County. The government allotment of sugar is now three fourths pound per person per week.