A look back: Ohio County and Rising Sun 4-20-17



April 20th, 1967

The Rising Sun Chamber of Commerce elected three new directors: Henry Pictor, Dale Siekman and Louis Rumsey were nominated and elected to hold a three year term. Other directors are Edward Weisickle, Francis Copeland, Leslie Fogle, Elmo Gossom, Billy Bob Dilts and Nellie Baxter. Officers elected are Francis Copeland, president; Leslie Fogle, vice president; Nellie Baxter, secretary; and Dale Siekman, treasurer.

Deborah Ann Salyer has been named to the 1967 American Baptist National Scholarship Honor Roll according to Dr. Robert Evan Davis, director of the division of Christian Higher Education of the American Baptist Board of Education and Publication.

L/Corp. Thomas E. Williams, 23, has been wounded in combat in Vietnam. Mrs. Lois Williams, Ohio County Recorder, was told by two marine reservists Monday morning that her son was wounded Saturday. He was wounded in the vicinity of Quang Tri, Republic of Vietnam. He sustained fragmentation wounds to the right arm and both legs from a hostile mortar while participating in an operation against hostile forces. He is receiving medical treatment at the Third Medical Battalion.

Scribblings: anything of a tragic nature often sends people into fits of despair. This however¸ cannot be said about the members of the Rising Sun Baptist Church. Eighteen years ago this month, a remodeling program was in process at the Baptist Church on Williams and Walnut Streets. Erected in 1889, the building was becoming too small for the growing congregation, so excavating was being done in order to make additional basement rooms. Then suddenly, on the bright April morning, the walls gave way on both sides and the entire center structure fell, throwing the cupola into the middle of the church. The front and rear walls were all that remained standing. Fortunately, five men trapped in the basement escaped uninjured. Regardless of the tragic turn of events and revealing no signs of discouragement, the members with their pastor, the Rev. Louis Day, immediately set about making plans to build a new church. Ground breaking ceremonies were held in June 1949 at a new location on the corner of Fourth and Mulberry Streets. On Easter Sunday, April 5, 1950, the first services were held in the new building. Within a short time the hard working group was able to pay off the indebtedness on the church. They then proceeded to erect a beautiful parsonage at the rear of the church on Mulberry Street. A house on Fourth Street by the side of the church was also purchased for a Sunday School annex. Although there are no definite records as to the origin of the Baptist Society in Rising Sun, accounts do show that in 1863 there were 12 members when the First Baptist Church was built on Fifth and High Streets. This structure was sold to the Reformed Church in 1881 prior to the erection of the church which collapsed.

Notice: Notice is hereby given that the County Commissioners of Ohio County at their regular meeting April 3 fixed the following places for voting at the Primary City Election to be held May 2, 1967. Precinct 1-Commissioner’s room; Precinct 2-Audiotr’s Office; Precinct 3-High way Garage, Second Street; Precinct 4-Public Library. Approved by Commissioners, Leroy J. Williams, Ward McHenry, and Denver Siekman.

Co-chairmen Betty Torwelle and Cindy Housemeyer distributed 1967 Cancer Crusade materials to the Rising Sun Band members Pat Hautman and Steve King. The 106 members of the high school band will begin their county-wide cancer crusade campaign this weekend. Together with the Phi Beta Psi Sorority, they will try to surpass last year’s crusade which brought over $650 for local cancer assistance and national research.

Births: to Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Pictor, a daughter born Tuesday, April 11 at 10 p.m. at DCH. She weighed 6 pounds 13 ounces and has been named Amy Lynn; to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Galbreath.

The Senior Class play is Friday, April 21 and titled “Aunt Samanthy Rules the Roost, a comedy.