A look back: Ohio County and Rising Sun 3-9-17



March 9th, 1967

Lorey’s Ben Franklin Store sponsored a car model contest. Winners in the Junior Division were: 1st place, Wesley Park; 2nd place, Jeff Kinnett; 3rd place, Bill Searcy; 4th place, Dennis Walston; 5th place, Denny Niccum; 6th place, Bill Gannaway. Winners in the Senior Division were 1st place, Stanley Ryle; 2nd place, Jim Wallace; 3rd place, Bobby Bowman; 4th place, Russell Ryle; 5th place, Kenny Davis; 6th place, Mike Nowlin.

Snow fell continuously Monday and Monday night to approximately eight inches in this vicinity and heavier in the rural areas where it drifted in many places. The highway crew worked all through the night and Tuesday to keep the roads open for travel. Schools were closed here Tuesday. Now the concern is the rising waters of the Ohio River caused from the melting snow. There is a prediction of 60 1/2 feet by Saturday. The rise of six inches in four hours indicated three feet a day at this time.

The first Girl Scout Troop was organized in Rising Sun in 1920 by Miss Eva Laswell, a grade school teacher. Miss Grace Dugle was the second scout leader and Miss Palmer was the third. A Girl Scout troop of the 1930s included Helen Green, Jean Gibson, Roberta Galbreath, Eleanor Fisher, Jean Stegemiller, Doris Evelyn Kennett, Grace Byram, Miss Ethel Palmer, Elizabeth DeHart, Mrs. Marie Loring, Helen Marie North, Mrs. Lelah Newman, Dorothy Hankinson, and Mrs. Jane Gibson.

Glenn M. Conover, former Guilford principal with a distinguished record in education, is the new director of the Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation with offices in the Aurora City building, 237 Main Street. The SIEOC directors elected Paul Fletcher, Rising Sun, head of the Headstart program for preschool children in the four counties they direct. Mr. Fletcher reported for duty Monday this week and is busy with preliminaries to the Headstart operation, which will swing swiftly into action when formal acceptance by the district office arrives. Headstart will provide pre-education training for over 300 children, ages 4 to 6 years in the four counties, for eight months after it opens. The counties are Ohio, Dearborn, Ripley, and Switzerland.

Births: to Mr. and Mrs. Charles McMurray, a daughter born February 27th at Christ hospital and has been named Michelle Ann. She weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces and has a sister Sue; born to Mr. and Mrs. James Rieman, a girl, February 25th; to Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Burley, a son, March 1st.

With our boys in the service: John T. Jones (Navy), John D. Waller (Army), Terry L. Elbright (Air Force), Irvin E. Mountz (Army), Walter E. Shannon (Army), Ronald C. Edwards (Army), Charles B. Robinson (Air Force).


March 4th, 1927

Beginning yesterday Paul A. Davis started a shoe sale which will end the career of one of the oldest businesses in Rising Sun started by his father, John Davis.

The American Legion is rehearsing for a play, “Making Daddy Behave”. There will be 25 people in the cast.


March 1st, 1917

J. W. Whitlock’s fine new chair factory is rapidly assuming proportions. All of the brick work of the four stories is completed.

Last Thursday, John W. Cochran and his cousin, Clarence Cochran, both of this city, purchased the coal business on lower Main Street of Will B. Harris, Jr. Miss Maggie Cochran will have charge of the office.

Miss Elizabeth Marble, for many years a primary teacher in the City Schools is to serve as Librarian when Rising Sun’s new library is opened to the public.