A look back: Ohio County and Rising Sun 3-30-17



March 30th, 1967

The Rising Sun City Council during the February meeting approved construction of a new building to be annexed to the present City Building located on the corner of Main and Walnut Streets. Bids were awarded to Scudder Brothers of Aurora. The bid was $46,610.00. The ground breaking ceremony for the one story red brick building to match and join on the north side of the City Building was held Monday and construction will begin soon. There will be a cement driveway going to the street in front for entrance to Walnut Street with one large door. It is anticipated the Ohio County Life Squad Unit will use the new building. Since 1958 when the new life squad came into existence the ambulance has been housed in the Whitlock Buildings.

During a special of the Rising Sun City Council, Monday evening, the Councilmen approved under Ordinance 121 which continued in effect the present salary schedule which is: Mayor $960 a year, Clerk and Treasurer $1,500 a year, and each member $120 a year.

Ohio County National Farmers Organization members dumped more than six loads of milk on Main Street here around on Saturday. Many non-members were reported supporting NFO members of the smallest county in the 25-state milk holding action in which farmers are asking for a contract to assure them of two cents more per quart for their milk. An Ohio County grocer said that for every gallon of milk purchased from his store by NFO members, he gave one free for the Rising Sun demonstration. Hundreds of persons jammed Rising Sun to see six large tank trucks dump milk on Main Street. Rising Sun firemen washed the milk into storm sewers.


It’s not the cost but the thot that counts,

When a gift is given or sent

You can’t measure love or true friendship

By the amount of money spent

Our friends aren’t always rich in this world

But their love has value untold.

No, we don’t measure friends by their money

But by the3 love their hearts may hold

Yes, most of us work for a living

And money has value ’tis true,

But the lives too busy for friendship

Will find themselves lonesome and blue.

The friends who are faithful and worthy.

Of the trust that their friends may bestow

Will never know the good they have done

While they journey on this earth below.

By Lauretta Borgman

Graduating class of 1913 were the first class at Rising Sun High School to wear caps and gowns. The class members included: Marie Hemphill Loring, Luella Steuver Dibble, Bradley Raymond Bedgood, Nina Talbott Moore, Pearl Acra McCardle, Ethel Rollins McHenry, Clara Fisher DeHart, Lula Collins Schroeder, Julius Schrump, Harry Bodey, Mary Pate Jones, Mary Stevenson Dorrell, and Pearl Neimeier.


March 29th, 1962

Wayne Windsor and Sandy Mondary, members of the Rising Sun High School Senior Class, will attend the World Affairs Institute in Cincinnati this weekend.

Births: to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Clifton, Jr., a son, William Harold III, March 25th; to Mr. and Mrs. Verle Truitt, a son, Roger Clayton, March 25th; to Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hammond, a son, Jeffrey Allen, March 21st; to Mr. and Mrs. Guy Fish, a daughter, March 22nd; to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Romans, a daughter, March 22nd; to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Beach, a daughter, March 23rd.


March 28th, 1957

Carroll Dean Rimstidt has been named Drum Major of the Rising Sun High School Band this week. The majorettes are Judy K. Billingsley, Judy Stout, Paula Neaman, Nancy Gullion, and Linda Beach.

Births: to Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Minks, a son, March 23rd; to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Berkley, a daughter, Anita Kay, March 21st; to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bayne, Jr., a son, Norman Kirk, March 25th.


March 27th, 1947

An Auxiliary Unit of Kaiser-Vinup Post, Veterans of Foreign wars was organized Sunday afternoon, March 23rd, in First Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Myrtle Slageter was nominated President; Mrs. Verl Holder, Vice-President; and Mrs. Beulah Scalf, Junior Vice-President.

Births: to Mr. and Mrs. Orson Potter, a son, Donald Leroy, March 20th; to Mr. and Mrs. John H. Riggs, a daughter, Beverly Ann, March 22nd; to Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Shelton, a son, Michael Lynn, March 20th; to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hinman, a son Gary Nelson, March 21st; to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Prutz, a daughter, Valerie Rae, March 20th; to Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Conaway, a daughter, Catherine Sue, March 21st; to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Housemeyer, Millicent, March 23rd; to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Huffman, a daughter, Cathy Lynn, March 24th.