A look back: Ohio County and Rising Sun 3-23-17



March 23rd, 1967

Soldier killed in Vietnam and buried at Mt. Carmel – The first Ohio County boy, SP/4 Richard “Junior” Hutchinson, 19, was killed in action in Vietnam March 12th. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hutchinson formerly lived on Route One in Rising Sun. He was killed by small arms fire in going to the aid of another unit, which was engaged with a hostile force. His infantry division, the 25th was severely hit. He served in the Coast Guard for a time and from it went into the Job Corp, where he was a forest ranger and out of the Job Corp into the Army.

The Rising Sun Lion’s Club will sponsor a broom sale from door to door. Proceeds will go to help buy equipment for the summer playground program. The brooms are made by the Indiana Association for the blind.

Scribblings by Dorotha Stegemiller: The appearance of the little creature with the long, floppy ears, and powder-puff tail usually means just one thing – Easter! And that time is right around the corner, even if it does seem only yesterday that Santa Claus left town. Of course, though, Easter is rather early this year. But the date for the commemoration of the resurrection of Christ was settled after a lengthy dispute, by the First Council of the Christian Churches at Nicaea in Asia Minor, in 325 A.D. The council ruled that Easter would be observed on the first Sunday following the 14th day of the Paschal Full Moon. The Paschal Moon is the first moon whose 14th day comes on or after March 21st. If the Paschal Moon falls on Sunday, then Easter is the following Sunday. The earliest date Easter can fall is March 22nd but it will not do so in any year in the 20th century. The latest possible date for Easter is April 25th; it fell on that date in 1943 and will do so next in 2038. Apart from the joyous religious significance of this chief festival of the Christian year, there are many customs and traditions connected with the event. Probably through the years, the most thought of custom at Easter is the coloring of eggs. Eggs originally were used at Easter because they were a forbidden Lenten food and like many such foods were served on Easter Sunday. The eggs were dyed red which was said to suggest joyousness. Others relate the color to the blood shed on Calvary. However, long before Christianity the ancient Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans ate colored eggs during Spring Festivals as a symbol of renewed life on Earth. So once again the traditional bunny delivers eggs of various hues, symbolic of life’s renewal. And all Christians give thanks to the Lord for his new life, with His additional promise of life everlasting.

The Army Nike Base at Dillsboro will have Open House April 2nd and every third Sunday thereafter with guided tours. Visitors are to go the Headquarters on Texas Gas Road, after touring, they will be taken by bus to the Launching Area on 262 Road. There are 120 men and officers at the site.

Cpl. Stopher receives Good Conduct Medal. Cpl. George B. Stopher, USMC, was congratulated by Colonel C. C. Underwood, USA, after receiving Good Conduct Medal for “Honest and Faithful Service” during three-year period beginning in January 1964. Stopher, a 1963 graduate of Rising Sun High School, entered the Marine Corps in January 1964 and served at the Marine Air Station in El Toro, California followed by successive assignments in Hawaii at the Headquarters of the Commanding General, Fleet Marine Force.

Births: to Mr. and Mrs. James J. Cone, a 9 pound 14 ounces son March 14th at Dearborn County Hospital, and named Patrick Andrew; to Mr. and Mrs. George Moore, March 13th, a daughter; to Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Byram, a daughter born March 15th.

Notice: Due to the increase in business at the Rising Sun Food Locker and Custom Slaughtering, it has become necessary for us to close the Mug and Jug Restaurant March 25th, according to Vi and Dale Bowman.