A look back: Ohio County and Rising Sun 2-18-16


Compiled by

Mavis Uhlmansiek

Celebrating the history of

Ohio County and Rising Sun


February 24th, 1966

Scribblings by Dorotha Stegemiller. Instead of “drifting with the current” as it’ supposed to do, the beautiful Ohio threatened to go rapidly rampaging again. And, of course, this always brings to mind the great flood of 1937 – the flood causing the most widespread disaster in Indiana’s history. Even though situated on high ground, Rising Sun was not excluded from the damage and hardships created by those 10 wet days in January, 20 years ago. The rain, which began on the 14th, totaled 13.52 inches at the end of the month – the greatest amount ever recorded in one month.

On the 24th, now designated as “Black Sunday” there were 8 inches of snow on the ground and a hard rain fell all day. That night a roar could be heard when Laughery Creek ran out with terrific force – shooting three feet high as it entered the raging river. Emergency headquarters were quickly set up in all stricken communities from Pittsburgh to Cairo. In Rising Sun, Red Cross facilities were established in the City Building, a hospital unit was located in the Church, and the Methodist Church became a commissary. The Reformed Church, Courthouse, and private homes out of water housed refugees.

The river crested here at 82.2 feet about 3 a.m. on the 26th. This was 12 feet higher than any previous flood and the muddy waters had backed up Main Street to the Post Office (the present Sunrise Dept. Store). One hundred families were forced from their homes and 20 businesses moved out. Electricity was cut off for two weeks, all drinking water had to be boiled and many other discomforts prevailed. Yet the citizens, with wholehearted co-operation, successfully coped with the disaster, feeling themselves fortunate compared to some in other localities.

The Shiner fans at Rising Sun High School began Sectional week with Poster Day on Monday. Tuesday all students mourned by wearing drab, dark colors. Wednesday was Victory day and there was no limit to the range of bright colors worn.

The Rising Sun High School will be represented at Sectional by the Shiners team of: Tom Brown, Lynn Graves, Denny Brown, Gary Caplinger, Kenny Cappel, Kenny Gregory, Chuck Hautman, Billy McClure, Frank Swinford, Roger Webb, Bill Hautman and Ricky Neal. Shiners are coached by Mike Wilson with assistant coach being Glen Kelley. Student managers are Roger Reid and Dave Stegemiller. Principal is Gerald Johnson. The team’s record is won 5 – lost 15.

Cheerleaders for the Shiners include: Joyce Thomas, Mary Koons, Patty Thomas, and Sue Buddenberg.

Patriot Trojan cheerleaders are: Patti Shannon, Darlene Robinson, Linda Deck and Darlene Hankinson.