A look back: Ohio County and Rising Sun


Celebrating the history of

Ohio County and Rising Sun


December 19th, 1963

  Are you a secret member of the “Late Shoppers Brigade?” If you are among those of us who enjoy rushing to department stores on the 24th of every December, here’s a tip on how to keep well meaning friends and relatives from brow beating you into shopping early. First off, casually announce at breakfast one morning that you are thinking of going into town Saturday and doing your Christmas shopping. This will throw them off, especially if it’s still September on the calendar, but chances are they’ll humor you “for he’ll forget about it by Saturday anyway.” Get up bright and early, go downtown and have several empty boxes  wrapped in Christmas paper…stop along the road going home and stuff the boxes with rocks and old newspapers. When you arrive home, walk triumphantly in and deposit your “gifts” on the top shelf of the hall closet with several “do not open til Christmas” stickers showing. This will not only keep them from badgering you to shop early, but also give you several tips on what they want for Christmas as they “guess what’s in the packages.”

  Electric power faded on and off and went out completely in many Rising Sun homes last Monday night around 8:30. Wymond Neal, manger of the Rising Sun Municipal Utilities, tells us the trouble was in back of the old Harry Thuermer home which burned recently on the Rising Sun-Aurora Road.

  Special at Copeland Hardware Store this week — Blacker & Decker quarter-inch drill for $9.95.

  Santa Claus will be in town this Saturday, December 21st, for his last visit before Christmas Eve.

  Miss Marnie Sue Owen, a senior in Rising Sun High School, will represent Ohio County in state competition in the Daughters of American Revolution Good Citizens contest.

  Ohio County high school students interested in becoming doctors, dentists, nurses or specialists and assistants in any of the health sciences have been invited to make reservations now for a visit to the Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis.

  Rising Sun High School has been turned into an art gallery this past week. Artworks from the first grade up to the twelfth grade have been placed in the corridors for all students to see.


December 18th, 1958

  For the first time in the memory of residents of Rising Sun the windows and interior of the Post Office have been decorated for Christmas by Postmaster Bob Wadsworth, Assistant Postmaster Wilford (Little Doc) Hall and clerk Mrs. Beulah Scalf.

  Mr. and Mrs. Earl (Bill) Adams have purchased the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hamilton on Williams Street.

  Births: to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Markle, a son Gary Duane, December 9th; to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lamkin, Jr., a daughter Ethel Elizabeth, December 4th; to Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Callen, a daughter Linda Jo, December 18th; to Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Walker, a daughter Stephanie Lynn, December 14th.

  Harold Clifton, Jr., ex-Shiner Star, scored six field goals for Franklin College in a basketball game Saturday night as the Grizzlies defeated Ball State, 78-75.


December 17th, 1953

  Edwin E. Swinford, Rising Sun agent for the Granite Brick & Lumber Co., said this week that the company has begun dismantling a row of garage buildings which it owns on Fourth Street in order to clear a site for the construction of an office building.

  Births: to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cunningham, a daughter, Kathy Sue, December 10th.


December 15th, 1933

  F. E. Conder went to Indianapolis Monday to have two projects approved for the county; the location and improvement of the Homes Hill road and the location and improvement of the Bell’s Branch road, employing about 90 men each.


December 18th, 1903

  Kinnett and Knox of Aurora have turned the old Eshman building at the foot of Main Street and opened a livery stable.

  U. S. Holdcraft has charge of the telephone exchange at East Enterprise.