A look back: Ohio County and Rising Sun 12-17-15


Compiled by

Mavis Uhlmansiek

Celebrating the history of

Ohio County and Rising Sun


December 23rd, 1965

The Board of School Trustees of the Rising Sun-Ohio County Community School Corporation met December 14th in the Rising Sun High School with the following members present: Dale Siekman, Paul Leive, Orson Potter, and Marvin Kirkpatrick. Calvin Koons and John Tishaus, representing the Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company, were present to explain their proposed service to the Rising Sun Schools. Comparison was made of estimated costs of natural gas compared to actual costs for a 12-month period of fuel for other indicated purposes. The Superintendent expressed his appreciation for the work of Gerald Johnson and members of his staff and for the cooperation of the Ohio County Newspapers in preparing the recent articles published in relation to American Education Week. The problem of securing a guidance director for the high school was discussed.

On the night Christ was born, legend says, all the trees burst into bloom. Thus began many stories about the Christmas tree. Early folk tales described a huge tree in the midst of a forest. The tree held many candles, some straight, some upside down. At the top was an infant with a halo around his head. It was believed that the tree represented humanity. The candles, up and down, symbolized people, good and bad. The infant was the Christ Child.

Births: A girl to Mr. and Mrs. Everett Chase, December 10th; a boy to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Turner, December 16th; to Mr. and Mrs. Francis Colen (Linda Turner) a baby girl name Denice Carole December 14th; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Niccum, December 19th named Charles Allen.

A project under the 1965 Elementary-Secondary Education Act has been submitted to the State Committee for approval. This project is designed to give special help to the pupils at the “bottom of the class”. If approved, office space will be rented as near the Rising Sun Elementary School as possible. Space will be provided for a full time special reading teacher, one clerical aid for this teacher, and one half-time school social worker.

Silent Night – A broken organ inspired “Silent Night.” So that the people of the parish might have song at Christmas, Father Joseph Mohr an Austrian priest, wrote the carol, and his organist composed the music. It was sung on Christmas Eve, 1818, to guitar accompaniment.


December 22nd, 1955

Donald Siekman has purchased the 111-acre tobacco and dairy farm owned by Mr. and Mrs. John Detmer on Dutch Ridge.