A look back: Ohio County and Rising Sun 11-3-16



November 3rd, 1966

The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November – Election Day – when all qualified voters in the United States have the great privilege of helping to choose the ones who will hold public office. Elections were first used in early Greek and Roman governments and their use became more common with the growth of Democratic forms of government. Our elections date back to colonial days and the Declaration of Independence proclaiming “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Of the many political parties that have appeared, the Democratic Party is the only one that has existed continuously from the beginning of American government. Formed about the time of the adoption of the Constitution, it was first called “Republican”. The party name then became “Democratic-Republican” which was gradually shortened to the present form. In its long career, the party has generally stood for economy based on avoidance of national debt and a system of low taxes; free trade; and has opposed government subsidies. The Republican Party, the other major political group, was founded in 1854 by antislavery supporters. It inherited a leaning toward centralization, merchants and banking interest, and conservatism. Abraham Lincoln elected in 1860, was the first Republican president. The party’s most predominant time occurred for about 70 years after the defeat of the Democratic South in the Civil War. Elections were votes by voice before the ballot system was adopted.

Now an elaborate code of laws has been developed to protect elections and to secure secrecy of the ballot. To qualify for voting one must generally be a citizen of majority age, of sane mind, and a resident for a certain length of time in the state or electoral district. Voting for the person of the party of your choice is a personal right. The wishes of the majority will be expressed at the polls next Tuesday as Americans cast their ballots. The success of any democracy depends upon the active interest of its people in their government.

The Rising Sun Shiners open fire this Friday evening, November 4th at Dillsboro in a non-conference clash. Dillsboro has three starters returning from last season headed by six foot five inch Jerry Husemann, last year’s Ohio River Valley scoring champion. Our Shiners have eight returning lettermen and for the first time in several years will be able to produce a veteran line up for the opening tap. Several players are competing for the starting unit which will not be decided until game time.

The Rising Sun Lions Club sold 244 bags of Halloween candy to community members. With proceeds from the candy sales, the Lions Club will send money for the Cancer Research in Indianapolis, Eye Bank, also to the camp for children under construction near Greensburg, a recent project of District 25F, donation to the Rising Sun PTO, and various other projects.

When it was harvest time in the early 1900’s, Lloyd Buchanan threshed wheat and soybeans using a steam engine to run a separator. Horses were needed to pull a wagon containing a tank of water for the steam engine.

The Whitlock Tool Shop, 214 S. Walnut Street, will be sold at auction Wednesday, November 16th at 10 a.m. The Atlas Company of Indianapolis is in charge of the sale which will include all machinery and tools, the tool shop building, two-story brick office, and garage. The property is owned by Mrs. S. W. Whitlock, Mrs. D. W. Whitlock, and Mrs. R. L. Neaman. It is located on the west side of Walnut Street. The J. W. Whitlock Company furniture factory, located on the east side of the street, was sold in March to Vincent L. McDonald, Pierceville and Aurora Lumber Dealer. The Whitlock Company was founded in 1894 by J. W. Whitlock and J. G. Tumy. The two men first built an automatic music harp, the forerunner of the juke box.