A look back: Ohio County and Rising Sun 11-24-16


50 years ago

November 24, 196

Thanksgiving is a time to be extra thankful for the blessings of life. This was the firm belief of the pilgrims when they set aside the special day to give thanks after their first harvest in 1621. The festival was later adopted by various colonies and states.

In 1864 President Lincoln fixed the annual date as the last Thursday in November. From 1939 to 1941 President F. D. Roosevelt designated the next to the last Thursday as Thanksgiving Day. Governors of some states conformed, others held to the established date; several celebrated both days. The controversial subject was settled in 1942 with a nation-wide return to the original.

Through the years, the devotional observance of earlier Thanksgivings has been somewhat overshadowed by sports, recreation and family reunions. In the drama of our American life, the fruits of freedom are often forgotten and we fail to remember the many blessings in God’s world. Very few changes have been made, however, in the feast associated with the holiday. Tables are laden with food, as in olden days, with the traditional roast turkey and cranberry sauce, menu of the season.

A custom begun by our forefathers who came to America on the Mayflower, Thanksgiving Day in some homes will be happy, in others sorrowful. But there is so much for which to be thankful, we should truly praise God for all blessings and the abundance of all things. Written by Dorotha Stegemiller.

Harold Hambrick has been elected to the Ohio County Council.

The Whitlock Tool Shop auction was held Wednesday, November 16. The machinery and other items were sold; however, the buildings offered on the sale were not sold and are still available.

Underdog victors of the Lawrenceburg Thanksgiving Tourney Monday and Tuesday this week were Shiners of Rising Sun. The Shiners downed Aurora (56-55) on Monday and then went on to thump the host (Lawrenceburg, 48-43) on Tuesday.

50 years ago

November 17, 1966

A special meeting was held Tuesday night at the courthouse to settle the tie votes in the county general election. Sarah Dugle, clerk; Leroy Junior Williams, Democrat chairman; and Donald Works, Republican chairman along with the candidates in question decided to flip a coin to determine the winners. Bill Richason, Republican won over Orien Billingsley, Democrat for Advisory Board member in Union Township. Hilbert Bovard, Democrat, was the winner over Victor Walton in Cass Township for Advisory Board. Harold Hambrick and Frank Dennis tied for county councilman in Pike Township; the office was declared a vacancy. Auditor Grace Cofield will call a special council meeting to select a person to fill the vacancy.

Eugene Koons, elementary school janitor, has resigned to accept employment elsewhere.

In Vevay election, Ralph Brown was elected sheriff; John C. Ramsey was elected Clerk winning over Mrs. Lois Rosenberger; Wilbur G. Allen won as county auditor over Paul Wiley.

Federal approval for construction of a new post office in Vevay was announced last week; it was confirmed by local postal officials.

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Campbell and son Todd are moving to Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Campbell is employed with Inland Container Corporation and has been promoted to Plant Superintendent of their Baltimore plant. He joined Inland Container in 1954 in Macon Georgia. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard C. Campbell of Rising Sun.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Liggett visited their son, Seaman 3/Class Michael Liggett and enjoyed a tour of the Naval Base and the U.S.S. Guam, the carrier on which Seaman Liggett serves.

According to Mrs. Oren Siekman, Executive Secretary of the Ohio County Tuberculosis Association, 148 persons had chest x-rays during the three days the Mobile unit was here.