A look back: Ohio County and Rising Sun 11-12-15


Compiled by

Mavis Uhlmansiek

Celebrating the history of

Ohio County and Rising Sun


November 18th, 1965

The Bear Branch Hunting Preserve is now open located 2 1/2 miles west of Bear Branch. Sportsmen are finding excellent hunting of quail, chukar, and pheasant. The large acreage is both Ohio and Switzerland counties is owned and operated by Laughery Valley Corporation.

Ohio County is eligible for Federal money to develop new jobs, the White House has announced. The new public works and economic development plan was designed to “create” permanent new jobs in areas suffering from high unemployment, low family income, or slow growth.

The Board of School Trustees of the Rising Sun-Ohio County Community School Corporation met in regular session in the Rising Sun High School November 9th. Superintendent J. O. Smith was authorized to file application for financial assistance for current expenditures for public schools in areas affected by federal activities under Public Law 874. Approval was given to change the sixth grade basketball program from inter-school to an intramural program. It was announced that the new water line was now turned on at Cass-Union School.

The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers will open bids November 24th at Louisville for repairs to the Hartford Ford, but Ohio County commissioners aren’t satisfied. The Ford was damaged by floods last winter and traffic could not cross the concrete structure which connects Ohio and Dearborn counties. During the past summer, the Corps proposed to repair the ford at government cost, estimated at $10,000. Commissioners asked for estimates to raise the crossing as present level is estimated to be under water up to 100 days per year.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Chase, East Enterprise, were enroute to the Dearborn County Hospital Monday morning. They were racing with time so they summoned the Rising Sun Rescue Unit and Humphrey-McClure ambulance, which met them below town. The new baby girl had already arrived. Members of the unit and Mr. McClure transferred the mother and new baby in the ambulance and proceeded to Dearborn County Hospital where they were apparently doing nicely.

A-3c Mason J. Uhlmansiek spent the weekend at home with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Mase Uhlmansiek after completing his six weeks basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. Tuesday morning he reported to 931 Aerial Port Flight, 434 Troop Carrier Wing, Bakalar Air Base Columbus, Indiana.

Ad reads: Her most versatile handmaid…personal extension telephone. So much convenience for only $1.00 a month, just call United Telephone Company of Southern Indiana, Inc.

From the Halls of R.S.H.S. – The Band is planning their Christmas Bazaar for December 4th. We would like to remind the high school students of the A-Go-Go Dance this Saturday night in the high school gym. “The ad Habits” will play, plus records. The Senior Class play, “Nine Girls” was a big success.