A look back: Ohio County and Rising Sun 1-14-16


Compiled by

Mavis Uhlmansiek

Celebrating the history of

Ohio County and Rising Sun

January 20th, 1966


The School Board met before the Rising Sun PTA January 11th in the high school auditorium.

Superintendent J. O. Smith introduced each member and explained the function of the board.

Pamphlets “What You Should Know About School Boards were given to the association.

There was a discussion in the senior trips taken annually and whether or not to continue the trips.

Kindergarten which has been a concern of the PTA was brought before the school board. After meeting with the school board the PTA held a short business meeting with the reading of the secretary and treasurer’s report Mr. Royce’s 7B in the Elementary School received the attendance banner and $2 for having the most parents present. Mrs. Virginia Curry won the door prize which was a beautiful planter.

The 1966 Aurora area telephone directory is now being compiled. The last day customers may make changes or obtain listings is January 24th. It will include listings for Lawrenceburg, Guilford, and Dillsboro. In addition for the first time the directory will include listings for United’s Rising Sun, Vevay, Patriot and East Enterprise properties.

From Scribbings by Dorotha Stegemiller: The Presbyterian Church became owners of the old seminary building on Fourth Street last week and you might call it a most appropriate birthday gift for the 150 year old congregation. Built in 1827, on what was then known as Grand Street – between Walnut and High Streets – the seminary was noted as an institution of higher learning. Lucien Alden was the first teacher whose fame was wide-spread, and students from various parts of the country came to the Rising Sun School. The old landmark once belonged to the church when the Presbyterian School was conducted here in 1954. In later years, it has been used as dwelling. Trading property on South Walnut Street, owned since 1847, to Harold Moore for the old edifice, members plan to use part of the building for the pastor’s residence and convert the large parlor into a public meeting room. A small but determined group has kept the Presbyterian Church going since it was organized September 12th, 1816 by Rev. Nathan B. Derrow under a commission given him by the Home Missionary Society of Connecticut. James Steward, William McCord and Hugh Espey were the first elders. Worship services were first held in a frame schoolhouse, opposite the courthouse, which was destroyed by fire two years later. Meetings were then held in various places while the new and present church was being built. Brick for the building was made nearby and labor was furnished by the members. Through the years there have been no definite changes made in the simple structure that was dedicated on February 22, 1934. Work of the Ladies Guild must be accredited as an important factor in the existence of this place of worship. Proceeds from projects sponsored by the ladies are very beneficial in the upkeep and expenses of the church. Of recent years, one of these projects, the annual smorgasbord is an event enjoyed by all who appreciate delicious food. And so the small congregation of 62 members, with the help and guidance of Tom Kennedy, a student minister, continues to work and serve the Lord – striving to preserve a religious heritage established 150 years ago.

As of January 17th the local Ben Franklin Store owned by Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Poellman was sold to U. C. Lorey, owner of Lorey’s Ben Franklin Store in Lawrenceburg. Mr. Lorey will continue to operate the store as it has been in the past. The Poellmans have spent the last 25 years on Main Street in the Ben Franklin Store (which was opened in September of 1940). The room presently occupied by the Ben Franklin Store was originally known as the Cooper Building, containing a grocery store owned by Albert Cooper. The room was remodeled and a variety store established by the Poellmans, known then and until 1941 as Taylor’s 5 to $1.00 store when it became a franchised Ben Franklin Store.