Great job

To the Editor:

I would like to express my appreciation to the Switzerland County Tourism Board, the Director, the staff and Adam Cole for what they have done – ranging from the “Fourth Coolest Small Town in America” to the recent successful Tater Bug 30.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Randy Knott

Fishing Worm Ridge/Tater Bug

Community needs

To the Editor:

The members of the Switzerland County YMCA’s Leaders Club are asking the community for help in identifying the needs of the residents in Switzerland County. Assembled of a group of hard working teen, we enjoy helping out around our community. While we have traveled to other states and counties to do service work, we really want to make needed changes here in Switzerland County.

Our abilities have a wide range. We have participated in a variety of projects from planting trees and working at the food pantry to fixing a roof. We need your help to keep up the good work. It would be greatly appreciated if the community let us know if they are aware of someone or some place in need.

What would you like to see Next Era do for the community? What could Next Era help you with? Please stop by the YMCA or call 812-427-9622 to provide your suggestion.

Thank you.

Brianna Simpkins



To the Editor:

The following you are about to read is a true story. Much of it a personal one. But in its entirety it is a composite of many stories I know to be true. When we think of all the cost the world has suffered for each side of war, it is nearly impossible for anyone to escape its touch.

Some of the bravest people of war never saw it. They lived with it the rest of their lives just the same. One of those people is a woman I know. Her husband came home from Vietnam, an infantryman. In his dreams he was still there. To calm him as he was becoming quite physical, she would insert her finger between his teeth while he dreamt. And he would leave that place in his dreams to sleep in his own bed.

A better story of true love, devotion, and pure bravery is hard to find. Imagine a combat ready soldier ready to fight, and she would put her hand in the mouth of the lion if you will. Over the years he left that place nearly permanently in his dreams, because of her. What medal would we have for her? I hear this as a song myself, but take it as you will. The real purpose of it to me is to remember both the soldier’s plight, and their families as well.

How many stories untold? For every soldier there waits mothers, fathers, siblings, spouses, children, all touched by their role in the world. All supportive, hoping, praying, welcoming, and burying their heroes. What guilt does the soldier find when they see the difficulties they bring home? So much of our veterans’ stories remain unknown. Yet without them where would we be? So for my veteran, for all veterans, I share this hoping those who haven’t seen these things before may contemplate.


For my soldier man

She said damn that foreign land

Stole away my married man

Sent me home an empty shell

Who screams at night

And dreams of hell

And she pledges allegiance

For her family under God

She just wants to live and leave it

In a land she never saw

You’re satins soldiers

With blood on your hands

Go back home

To your foreign land

And they protest in leisure

With the freedom he fought to give

Consequence of words doesn’t concern them

They’ve got the right to hate him

I lost something in that foreign land

I went away a happy man

But hero’s medals never show

The stains on soldier’s souls

And he pledges allegiance

For his country under God

He just w ants better for his children

He knows how much it cost

You know my daddy was a soldier man

He went away to a far land

Now he’s back home but I don’t think he sees

Sometimes I wonder if he knows it’s me

And I pledged allegiance

In a roomful just my age

The words committed to our memories

Long before we knew we’d have to pay

God bless any soldier who stands to die

Believing God is on their side

Hero’s medals never show

The troubles their families know

And I pledge allegiance

For countries under God

I just want better for generations

That they’d never know the cost

Jon Thompson