3 teaching positions posted for one opening


Rising Sun school superintendent Branden Roeder reported that three teaching positions have been posted however only one new person is expected to be hired.

Positions were posted for social studies, science and special education teachers. There are two teachers interested in the social studies position. The board will make a decision on whether to move a teacher from inside the system or hiring a social studies from the outside.

On Thursday, March 10th, the school board accepted the resignation of Andrea Levi as middle school cheerleading coach and national junior honor society .

Fall assistant coaches named were Aaron Hopkins and Minh Tran in boys soccer and Jason Barth in girls soccer.

Eric Fogle was approved as assistant golf coach and Austin Martin was approved to help with high jump which he was a state finalist in before graduating.

Sammie White hired as paraprofessional at the Ohio County Elementary Middle School.

The school board is looking into changing high school tablets to laptops.

The board decided to trade in an old bus instead of getting sealed bids.

The 2016-17 school calender was amended moving intersession week to March 27 to 31 after spring break. Any make up days would start from March 31 and backwards.

The board discussed having summer school because this year’s intersession week (which is this week) was used for make up days.

Superintendent Branden Roeder gave legislative updates including HB 1109 which allows the school to pay utilities out of CPF (Capital Projects Fund) and not the General Fund. Roeder said that amounts to $191,000 in Rising Sun.

Bill 1005 on the expansion of school vouchers was voted against by local representative Randy Frye.

The Decatur County School Board recognized the Rising Sun boys basketball team for their actions after the sectional where they went around and thanked the volunteers.

New diplomas are expected to be approved this week by state officials.

The board has been mandated to put together a gang committee.