2017 Ohio County 4-H Fair Exhibit Hall results


The 2017 Ohio County 4-H Exhibit Hall exhibitors blue ribbon winners and top award winners included:

Luk Addington- Shooting Sports, div. champ, state fair.

Claire Andrew- Model Tractor, Poster forest, Poster animals.

Grace Arnett- Crafts .

Kaleb Arnett- Woodworking.

Addison Bailey- Mini 4H: throw pillow, no bake cookies, rock collection, poster of pets.

Shealyn Bell- Pocket Pets, Electric Reserve Division Champion, Crafts Fine Art, Shooting Sports, Pocket Pets.

Christopher Berkley- Mini 4H; Farm animal model, Lego car model, dog poster.

Alexandria Bills- Min 4H; snow globe, bugs in display, farmer interview, whale display, model display, poster wood use,poster trip around the blocks, display box, cactus, tomato plant, pillow, poster.

Ben Birmingham- Entomology division champ.

Brandon Birmingham- Foods baked reserve division champ, Crafts grand champion, state fair, Crafts, Dog obedience.

Jana Birmingham- Sewing construction reserve grand champion, state fair;Sewing construction reserve division champ.

Bradley Bounds- Shooting sports education, crafts, scrap-booking reserve grand champion.

James Bounds- Crafts Reserve Grand Champion State Fair, Archery Freestyle Reserve Grand Champion , Shooting sports shotgun champion.

Bodie Bush- Mini 4H dinosaur.

Morgan Bush- Crafts reserve grand champion-state far, photography, home environment div. champ,

Katheryn Cate- Photography div. champ- state fair.

Ty Chase- Shooting Sports Education Reserve Division Champion, Grand champion freestyle archery.

Riley Chipman- Health Reserve Grand Champion.

Davian Cole- Lego rocket state fair winner, Cat adult reserve champion, woodworking reserve div. champion.

Jacob Colen- Mini 4H dog poster, model airplane.

Kara Colen- Photography.

Brayson Cook- Small engines grand champion, photography.

Lily Courtney- Vet science grand champion-state fair, Floriculture reserve div. champ,recycling, Cat adult.

Zackery Courtney- Mini 4H Rock collection, diorama, Mustang model.

Weston Cumberworth- Mini 4H Lego model, poster.

Lisa Cutter- Photography, cat poster.

Maryella Cutter- Collections reserve div. champ, Photography.

Timothy Cutter- Photography.

Megan Daugherty- Photography, Shooting sports.

Emma Davis- Cat Adult Grand Champion, Ag Hort Floriculture Division champion, Junior Leaders, Photography.

Griffin Davis- Photography.

Lillie Davis- Photography reserve grand champion-state fair, Floriculture.

Owen Davis- Photography.

Aiden Dennis- Vet Science reserve div. champ.

Colten Dowdee- Photography.

Ella Eldridge- Pocket Pets guinea pig grand champion, Dog obedience grand champion.

McKenzie Ellegood- Garden grand champion and reserve champion-state fair, Beekeeping grand champion state fair, dog obedience, Floriculture reserve div. champ- state fair, photography, dog showmanship reserve grand champion.

Hoyt Evans- Mini 4H, wildlife poster, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Lego model.

Jobi Evans- Dog poster.

Natalie Fisk- Gift wrapping grand champion, Photography, recycling div. champ.

Casey Fletcher- Woodworking. Division Champion- state fair

Chloe Fletcher- Vet Science reserve grand champion-state fair, foods preserved reserve grand champion- state fair, Sewing grand champion-state fair, woodworking reserve div. champ.

Hunter Garland- Aerospace grand champion- state fair , Shooting Sports.

Alexander Gilb -Aerospace grand champion- state fair.

Gavin Gilb- Foods Baked reserve div. champ- state fair. Cat.

Allison Givan- Photography

Brian Givan- Shooting Sports

Justin Green- Sport Fishing reserve div. champ, Collections grand champion, Poultry Poster Grand Champion- state fair

Alex Greene- Shooting Sports, Archery Instinctive grand champion.

Miranda Hall- Photography, Scrap-booking reserve div. champ.

Caleb Henry- Recycling div. champ, Photography,

Colton Henry- Photography.

Kaitlyn Henry-Photography, Recycling, Crafts.

Camille Hettinger- Dog Poster, cake decorating.

Farrah Hettinger- Mini 4H animals on the farm.

George Hoffman- Foods baked yeasts.

Henry Hoffman- Foods baked apple pie.

Kyla Jones- Crafts.

Nathan Kappes- Ag Tractor Grand Champion- state fair, Crops grand Champion alfalfa, and corn, Photography reserve div. champ- state fair, Cat.

Aaron Kirkpatrick- Mini 4H animals on farm, CAT dump truck.

Jessica Koons- Foods baked.

Nicholas Koons- Foods baked reserve grand champion.

Kenzie Lageman- Floriculture Division Champion- state fair, Foods, Baked, shooting sports.

Dalton Lamkin- Floriculture div. champ- state fair, gift wrapping reserve champ.

Daisy Lattire– Cake decorating reserve div. champ.

Danica Lattire- Mini 4H English bulldog.

Jace Leonard- Recycling, Sport fishing grand champion- state fair, Photography, Electric reserve division champion.

Kasey Leonard- Health grand champion, photography, recycling grand champion.

Lura Little- Scrapbooking, Photography- state fair.

Trey Manifold- Weather grand champion- state fair, Crafts.

Kaleigh Mann-Crafts grand champion- state fair.

Kiera Mann- Photography.

Ethan Markland- Sport Fishing grand champion- state fair.

Carson McDaniel- Mini 4H wooden bug, insects

Makenzie McDaniel- Foods baked.

Shelby McDaniel- Mini 4H drawing, popcorn snack.

Lily McFadden- Crafts.

Brandon McGraw- Woodworking grand champion- state fair.

Justin McGraw- Woodworking.

Nevaeh Mills-Yeast bread- state fair, shooting sports, photography, cake decorating reserve div. champ.

Nevaeh Mills- Cake decorating reserve div. champ, Crafts.

Cara Ohlmansiek- Cake decorating reserve div. champ, Sewing construction reserve grand champ- state fair.

Ellie Ohlmansiek- Cake decorating grand champion- state fair, sewing grand champion- state fair, Ag tractor reserve grand champion- state fair, woodworking reserve grand champion.

Maddilyn Phillippe- Mini 4H rainbow bracelet, popcorn with M&Ms, pet and me poster. Dylan Potter- Woodworking.

Dylan Potter- woodworking.

Janessa Potter- Crafts reserve grand champion- state fair.

Jill Potter- Crafts.

Josie Potter- Crafts- state fair, Photography.

Kendall Potter- Crafts Grand Champion- state fair,Recycling.

Jacob Powell- Foods Baked Grand Champion- state fair.

Kora Powell- Foods Baked.

Kinsey Price- Consumer Clothing grand champion- state fair.

Noah Reeves- Shooting Sports.

Miriah Retherford- Floriculture grand champion.

Lillian Riddell-

Katelynn Rieman- Cake decorating, Baked cookies reserve div. champ, sewing, pocket pets.

Trenton Robbins- Foods baked

Shyanne Rugg-Photography, Cake decorating, dog obedience reserve grand champion- state fair, dog grand champion showmanship.

Brady Russell- Photography.

Caterina Russell-Collections Reserve Grand Champion, Crafts, Pocket Pets Reserve Grand Champion, cat poster.

Cody Sams- Foods baked division champ- state fair, Ag tractor division champ- state fair, Crafts, Collections division champ, electric grand champion- state fair, recycling, shooting sports, woodworking, garden.

Olivia Sams- Crafts, Yeast rolls division champ- state fair, Garden, Photography, recycling reserve div.. champ, sewing division champ- state fair, shooting sports, woodworking.

Rachel Schwing- Cake Decorating, Photography.

Jake Scott- Photography grand champion- state fair.

Nathan Siekman- Ag tractor reserve div. champ.

Margaret Slack- Horse Science.

Whitney Smart- Rabbit poster reserve champion, Health.

Kolton Smith- Dog Poster Reserve Grand Champion.

Ethan Snelling- Photography- state fair, Woodworking.

Caylix Southard- Mini 4H goat poster, bean picture.

Connor Southard- Shooting Sports Education, Photography.

Allison Steele- Collections reserve div. champ, foods preserved grand champion- state fair, Foods baked division champ- state fair, scrap-booking grand champion, Floriculture reserve grand champion- state fair.

Benjamin Steelman- Geology division champion- state fair, shooting sports.

Caleb Steelman- Geology reserve grand champion, shooting sports reserve div. champ.

Ruby Thompson- Foods Baked- state fair.

Josephine Turner- Mini 4H buttons.

Cameron Unger- Photography- state fair.

Alayna Walcott- Woodworking, crafts.

Alyssa Walcott- Mini 4H bird feeder, poster.

Robert Walston- Electric, crafts.

Vada Walston- Cake decorating, Photography, Floriculture.

Zoey Walston- Photography- state fair.

Brandon Weaver- Foods Baked.

Isabelle Weaver- Recycling.

Seth Weaver- Garden, Shooting sports, forestry, aerospace reserve champion- state fair

Katelyn Welzel- Health, shooting sports wooden arrow display reserve grand champion- state fair,.

Logan Welzel- Shooting Sports, Crafts grand champion- state fair.

Austin Wolf- Photography, hooting Sports pistol reserve grand champion.

Jacob Wolf- Shooting Sports rifle grand champion- state fair

Maleah Wolf- Rabbit poster grand champion- state fair.

Ashley Yauch- Consumer clothing reserve grand champion, recycling reserve grand champion.

Jacob Yauch- Woodworking Grand Champion, Division Champion, Recycling Reserve Division Champion.

Samual Yauch- Mini 4H basket, cookies.

William Yauch- Recycling.