2016: Year In Review


By: Kay Cook,

Patriot Town Council member

Since first being established in 1812, the Town of Patriot has survived more than 15 major floods and the 1924 fire that destroyed 16 buildings in the once prosperous business section of town. Like the legendary phoenix, it continues to rise above the destruction and succeed.

In 2016, the Town of Patriot lost some pillars of its community. Robert L. “Bobby Lynn” Robinson, President of the Town Board passed away on February 1 at home. Former Fire Chief George Miller died April 6th. Everyone’s favorite lady Jean Rose was gone by September 4th.

The Patriot Town Board began 2016 with Sarah Hoffman joining R.L. Robinson and G. Wayne Turner. Sarah Hoffman became the President of the Town Board upon the passing of Robinson, and Elizabeth Thomas filled the vacancy on the Board on March 7th. On April 4th, Kay Cook filled the vacancy formed by the resignation of Sarah Hoffman and Elizabeth Thomas became the Board President.

The Town Ditch project led by Robinson was nearly completed prior to his passing and any future improvements have been put on hold.

Repairs were made to the Town Hall, located at 352 Third Street, and a completely new roof was installed.

The Fairview Booster station was destroyed by an electrical fire and rebuilt. New meter reading software was purchased by the Patriot Water Company and a large storage barn was added.

Repairs were made to improve the drainage on the baseball field at homeplate.

In the spring there was an Easter Egg Hunt and in the fall, a “trunk and treat” was held in the parking lot at the intersection of highways 156 and 250. At Christmas, there was a dinner at town hall.

Jill and Bruce hutcherson were the grand marshals of the 4th of July parade.

The Patriot Alumni held its 123rd annual meeting on May 28th.

And a hue and cry is still emitted throughout the town whenever a riverboat passes through. Patriot is the same it’s always been, but yet in our own way – different.