2016 Swiss Wine Festival: by the numbers


More than 20,400 people attended this year’s Swiss Wine Festival, held August 25th-28th at the Paul Ogle Riverfront Park in Vevay – nearly identical to the number of visitors the year before.

“Attendance was same on Thursday, up on Friday and down on Saturday and Sunday,” Festival President Kirk Works stated. “Despite the heat and humidity the overall attendance remained the same as last year’s attendance”.

Here is this year’s festival, by the numbers:

– A total of 24-percent attended the Swiss Wine Festival for the first time in 2016; with 28-percent having attended the festival more than seven times. Also: 21-percent traveled more than 100 miles to attend the festival.

– Total festival attendance in 2015 was 20,519; and for the 45th Swiss Wine Festival the total attendance was 20,415; which is down 104 people from the year before.

– Thursday evening attendance was estimated to be 2,421, which is same as 2015.

– Friday’s total attendance was 5,866 compared to 4,738 last year. This represents a 24-percent increase over 2015. It was estimated that nearly 3,500 people attended the .38 Special concert. Friday night’s concert was made possible with the financial support from the Switzerland County Tourism Commission.

– Saturday’s attendance was down 7.6-percent over 2015. The total number who enjoyed the festivities on Saturday was 9,827; compared to 10,639 last year.

– The crowd on Sunday remained lower due to the heat advisory. A total of 2,301 people took part in the activities and events on the last day of the festival. The attendance on Sunday was down 15.4-percent compared to 2015.

“We would like to thank all those who helped in any way to make this year’s festival another one to remember,” Works said. “We hope to continue to be one of the Top 10 Festival in Indiana. However we know it will be impossible to top the Budweiser Clydesdales.”

Follow up and planning meetings are already underway for the next year’s festival. The 46th Swiss Wine Festival will be held on August 24-27, 2017.