2013 Annual report of activities in the Sheriff’s Department


Switzerland County Sheriff Roy Leap has released his annual report of events and activities in the Sheriff’s Department for 2013.

“We saw some encouraging numbers in the annual stats for the Sheriff’s Office,” Sheriff Leap said. “Over the last three years we have seen a steady decrease in burglaries; domestic disturbances; auto accidents; operating while intoxicated; and fight calls. Our theft calls started out on the rise but have dropped this last year.”

The sheriff said that the departments calls concerning suspicious vehicle reports decreased in 2013.

“I want to remind everyone in our community to call in suspicious vehicles or persons when they see them. It is harder to find out who that person or vehicle is if we wait until the next day or later to contact us. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” the sheriff said.

As crime numbers fall here, the Sheriff’s Department wants the community to know just how important information and tips from residents are in solving crimes.

“We want to stay proactive in enforcement of those types of crimes, but we cannot do that unless we have the community’s help,” Sheriff Leap said. “Juvenile calls are on the increase and we are looking at ways of combating this issue. One interesting correlation we have found was that over the last four years, as our traffic stops increased, our accidents investigated have decreased.”

The Sheriff also said that protecting the county is a job that is in good hands with all of the members of his department.

“I work with a dedicated group of men and women in our department. We live here too and want to ensure the safety of our community. We want to hear if anyone is having problems in their area of the county. Contact us anytime,” he said.


Here are the statistics for 2013, as provided by the Sheriff’s Department:


• Arrests are for single booking records of all agencies countywide. Multiple charges on the same arrest do not affect these numbers.

- Switzerland County Sheriff: 153.

– Vevay Police Department: 67.

– Indiana State Police/Indiana Gaming Commission: 28.

– Indiana Department of Natural Resources: 1.


– Average bookings per month: 42.4.

– Average bookings per day: 1.4.

– Average stay: 26.3 days.

– Average Daily Population: 31.45

– Out of County Inmate Billing: $255,890.

– Switzerland County Inmate Billing: $277,380.


• Calls for Service are the calls answered by the Sheriff’s Dispatch that require Law Enforcement, EMS or Fire Department response. This does not include general information calls, or routine business calls.

– Total Calls for Service answered by the Sheriff’s Dept. Dispatch Center: 6,551.

– Total of those calls for Switzerland County Sheriff: 3,244.

– Average calls per month: 270.3.

– Average calls per day: 9.01.


• Total 911 calls 2,954.

– Total Landline 911 Calls: 1,025.

– Total Wireless 911 Calls: 1,929.

– Average 911 calls per month: 246.2.


• Comparison of the more significant calls handled by the Sheriff’s Office from 2012 to 2013:

– Burglaries are down by 26-percent.

– Operating While Intoxicated have decreased by 35-percent.

– Domestic Disturbances have decreased by 9-percent.

– Auto Accidents are down 6-percent.

– Thefts have decreased by 20-percent.

– Traffic Stops have increased by 27-percent.

– Suspicious Vehicle reports are down by 19-percent.

- Fights have decreased by 12-percent.

- Juvenile Calls have increased 55-percent.