17th ‘Storyfest’ begins today in downtown Vevay


The popular “Storyfest” program returns to sites around Vevay today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday) for county elementary students in grades 1-6.

The program will be held today (Thursday), for students in grades 1-3; while students in grades 4-6 will attend the program tomorrow (Friday).

The program will allow students to discover and experience three exciting ways to tell a story through the amazing talents of the following:

– Madcap Puppets will be presenting ‘Look Out Galileo!’

Explore the starry skies like never before, as Madcap’s giant puppets join Galileo on a comical quest to prove that the earth revolves around the sun. Scientific experiments are part of the fun as the ancient stories of Cassiopeia and Egyptian Sunrise come to life.

Madcap Productions Puppet Theatre is a national touring company that creates high quality live puppet theatre entertainment and education for young audiences. Through unique puppetry and playwriting, Madcap aspires to positively impact young audiences during their formative years when creative and magical imaginations are developing.

– “Out of Hand Entertainment” with Matt Jergens will present ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’.

Matt Jergens uses juggling as a catalyst to convey an environmental message about the balance between use and preservation. Students will learn about natural resources and why it’s important to save them for future generations.

The ideas of reducing, reusing, and recycling will be presented not only through Matt Jergen’s amazing tricks, but also through plenty of audience participation. Some of the highlights include beanbag chair juggling, giant yo-yo manipulation, plate spinning, cereal box balancing, and a recycling game show.

Many schools are now on recycling programs and this show is the perfect boost to get students involved even further.

– “JoyUnspeakable” with Mark Abbati blends movements and characteristics of the Masters of Silent Communication, such as Marcel Marceau, Charlie Chaplain, Stan Laurel and Shields and Yarnelle; with various movements of dance.

He mixes a unique style of interactive performing with a delicate touch of humor for a unique performance. For grades 1-2, Mark Abbati will present “The Friendly Face” program’ and for grades 4-6 the “Way to Go” show, with motivation and character building being the focus.

The three performance locations this year are the Hoosier Theater; the Switzerland County Historical Museum; and the Switzerland County YMCA.


Once again our major funder for Storyfest is the United Fund of Switzerland County. The Vevay Kiwanis Club also helps fund this project. Total expenses for this year are $6,330.